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Cryptocurrencies: 5370 / Markets: 43262
Market Cap: $ 1 346 383 766 188 / 24h Vol: $ 109 187 249 577 / BTC Dominance: 45.328921694332%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
5200SoPay SoPay$0,00$419,230 SOP-9.42%
5199Unicly Air Jordan 1st Drop Collection Unicly Air Jordan 1st Drop Collection$0,415143$4,150 UJORD0.00%
5198Aryacoin Aryacoin$0,02348192$23 5810 AYA1.43%
5197Omni Real Estate Token Omni Real Estate Token$0,064921$3 913,210 ORT-6.93%
5196Nosta Nosta$3,93$219 0620 NOSTA8.25%
5195WhiteX WhiteX$0,00306842$36 7730 WHX6.51%
51941X Short Litecoin Token 1X Short Litecoin Token$630,20$202,510 LTCHEDGE-3.64%
5193Helex Helex$0,110213$1 977,430 HLX-22.64%
5192DarthElon DarthElon$0,00$345,110 DARTHELON-6.40%
5191Curio Governance Curio Governance$1,30$4,920 CGT0.00%
5190Elon Diamond Hands Elon Diamond Hands$0,00$34,350 EDH-6.26%
5189BARE BARE$0,02628545$66,260 BARE-0.29%
5188NFT Wars NFT Wars$0,987384$11 254,290 WAR-12.80%
5187MGC Token MGC Token$0,00241541$24 8590 MGC-51.34%
5186Infinity Economics Infinity Economics$0,00428343$44 8250 XIN59.97%
5185Mad Bull Token Mad Bull Token$0,00$1 457,130 MBULL-3.18%
5184TL Coin TL Coin$0,00$00 TLC0.00%
5183Limestone Network Limestone Network$0,00240067$2 525,910 LIMEX0.82%
5182LiquidApps LiquidApps$0,01361093$1 467,350 DAPP-8.85%
5181Tronish Tronish$0,00030606$0,660 TRONISH-10.69%
5180TENA TENA$0,00100437$1 861,330 TENA20.64%
5179Garlicoin Garlicoin$0,070473$3 947,780 GRLC-11.08%
5178Williecoin Williecoin$0,00$22 4130 WILLIE0.00%
5177Richie Richie$0,00$42 6650 RICH-12.44%
5176DKK Token DKK Token$0,155582$2 127 480 3720 DKKT0.20%
5175Yearn20Moon.Finance Yearn20Moon.Finance$1,62$00 YMF200.00%
5174Polkacover Polkacover$0,141588$52 8030 CVR-9.73%
5173Kuende Kuende$0,00062788$0,010 KUE0.00%
5172Rafflection Rafflection$0,00$72,640 RAFF-11.48%
5171Fat Doge Fat Doge$0,00$12 900,910 FOGE-5.75%
5170Luxurious Pro Network Token Luxurious Pro Network Token$3,30$1 064 1630 LPNT-2.72%
5169GDOGE Finance GDOGE Finance$0,00$6 3800 GDOGE-9.90%
5168Greencoin Greencoin$0,0010697$1,080 GRE-1.56%
5167CMITCOIN CMITCOIN$0,00$45 4570 CMIT-5.40%
5166Decentralize Currency Decentralize Currency$0,00048059$247,690 DCA-7.12%
5165Horizon Dollar Horizon Dollar$0,00087554$63 4190 HZD-11.64%
5164CY Finance CY Finance$0,00$5 593,160 CYF-10.80%
51631X Short Compound Token Token 1X Short Compound Token Token$132,46$3 769,890 COMPHEDGE-4.45%
5162Feta Token Feta Token$0,00275257$587,390 FETA0.00%
5161WhaleRoom WhaleRoom$3,76$60 6750 WHL-8.44%
5160Unicly ArtBlocks Collection Unicly ArtBlocks Collection$0,01629076$7 700,570 UARTB-9.60%
5159SafeCookie SafeCookie$0,00$00 SAFECOOKIE0.00%
5158XRP Classic XRP Classic$0,00$9,480 XRPC-23.48%
5157Etheroll Etheroll$0,884773$1,330 DICE5.28%
5156JDI Token JDI Token$0,15301$61 4420 JDI-12.73%
5155Collective Collective$1,05$1 482,860 CO2-9.83%
5154Voltbit Voltbit$0,00129343$9 801,790 VBIT5.95%
5153Rune Rune$40,93$685,270 XRUNE-12.22%
5152RiveMont RiveMont$0,01997946$2,460 RVMT0.00%
5151Exohood Exohood$1,81$5 548,830 EXO-1.74%
5150MacaronSwap MacaronSwap$3,77$213 4490 MCRN-0.65%
5149ToolApe ToolApe$0,01999723$36 3220 TAPE-5.07%
51480.5X Long Tezos Token 0.5X Long Tezos Token$7 446,49$20 3840 XTZHALF0.00%
5147Kai Inu Kai Inu$0,00$49 7880 KAIINU20.56%
5146FuturoCoin FuturoCoin$0,00200427$12,130 FTO-3.52%
5145TheBigCoin TheBigCoin$0,00$20,130 BIG-37.04%
5144The Everlasting Parachain The Everlasting Parachain$2,14$140 9510 ELP-8.68%
5143Cyclops Treasure Cyclops Treasure$151,46$607,380 CYTR-15.10%
5142Super Shiba Super Shiba$0,00$7 044,550 $SSHIBA-8.58%
5141Viking Swap Viking Swap$0,052189$29,410 VIKING381.20%
5140DeChart DeChart$0,00749742$51 7880 DCH-14.31%
5139ColossusXT ColossusXT$0,00015847$9 506,570 COLX-1.51%
5138IdleUSDT (Yield) IdleUSDT (Yield)$1,06$00 IDLEUSDTYIELD0.01%
5137LifeLine LifeLine$0,00019438$2,50 LLT-16.36%
5136ETH 12 Day EMA Crossover Set ETH 12 Day EMA Crossover Set$644,92$26,730 ETH12EMACO-4.79%
5135The Movement The Movement$0,053056$44,130 MVT0.00%
5134Chihua Token Chihua Token$0,00$30 4420 CHIHUA-13.71%
5133SCOneX SCOneX$0,02732193$105 2430 SCONEX-3.44%
5132Passive Income Bot Passive Income Bot$0,151243$15,120 PIB0.00%
5131Maker Basic Maker Basic$0,01219727$167,450 MKB-3.38%
5130Astronaut Astronaut$0,595797$14 345,860 NAUT-1.76%$0,882238$4 315,290 XPT-3.25%
5128Newton Coin Project Newton Coin Project$0,00065714$100,830 NCP-7.66%
5127TasteNFT TasteNFT$0,00$9 111,720 TASTE-5.58%
5126EtherInc EtherInc$0,00021184$2 439,60 ETI-0.41%
5125Bolt Dollar Bolt Dollar$0,11688$5 351,250 BTD-14.92%
5124Universal Basic Income Universal Basic Income$0,062187$9 683,780 UBI-6.69%
5123CAICA Coin CAICA Coin$0,063565$59 8900 CICC-7.84%
5122BLAST BLAST$0,00091828$62,030 BLAST4.85%
5121Geocoin Geocoin$0,272671$377,870 GEO-13.90%
5120Rush Rush$0,126516$4,530 RUC0.00%
5119Blackmoon Crypto Blackmoon Crypto$0,02772251$21,890 BMC-2.75%
5118GenWealth Coin GenWealth Coin$0,00$1 377,370 GWC-8.27%
5117Alacrity Alacrity$0,00833167$6 277,040 ALR-1.46%
5116PolyFi PolyFi$0,00331523$447,150 POLYFI0.66%
5115April April$0,00586724$756 7480 APRIL-4.04%
5114CPUcoin CPUcoin$0,04809459$46 1750 CPU4.43%
5113Lillion Lillion$1,55$1 006,60 LIL0.66%
5112Super CoinView Token Super CoinView Token$0,00099757$10 767,320 SCV-5.65%
5111Acoin Acoin$0,01166129$8,130 ACOIN0.00%
5110Zombie Farm Zombie Farm$0,02822096$955,340 ZOMBIE-9.60%
5109Dancing Banana Dancing Banana$0,00$10 291,680 DANCE-16.82%
5108Inflex Finance Inflex Finance$0,00$105,80 INFLEX-4.55%
5107Canopus Canopus$0,00925931$00 OPUS0.00%
5106ZumCoin ZumCoin$0,00097363$0,280 ZUM-3.11%
5105Remita Coin Remita Coin$0,072299$8440 REMIT-14.99%
5104Soteria Soteria$2,11$1 340,160 WSOTE-4.05%
5103xDitto xDitto$0,260253$217,650 XDITTO-1.62%
5102BoringDAO BTC BoringDAO BTC$36 266,00$113,120 OBTC0.00%
5101Swamp Coin Swamp Coin$0,00096993$0,110 SWAMP-5.80%