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Cryptocurrencies: 3762 / Markets: 31610
Market Cap: $ 394 516 911 907 / 24h Vol: $ 103 192 643 687 / BTC Dominance: 62.343793466803%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
5200PHOBOS PHOBOS$0,00$00 PBS0.00%
5199PXP Token PXP Token$0,099411$50 3370 PXP-8.34%
5198Mega Mega$0,03722462$00 MX30.00%
5197DeXe DeXe$0,805644$251 7380 DEXE-10.27%
5196Super CoinView Token Super CoinView Token$0,00$4 273,870 SCV-47.28%
5195ChainZ Arena ChainZ Arena$0,163201$24 1880 SOUL-15.60%
5194ETH Maximalist Set ETH Maximalist Set$197,14$815,060 ETH10K0.00%
5193Hatch Hatch$0,00056702$0,020 HATCH0.00%
5192Seeds Seeds$0,00810197$00 SEEDS0.00%
5191LP renBTC Curve LP renBTC Curve$13 456,94$00 RENBTCCURVE-3.21%
5190Creditcoin Creditcoin$0,4904$2 982 8420 CTC-7.47%
5189Zenswap Network Token Zenswap Network Token$0,00$4 742,240 ZNT-13.58%
5188Bitcoin Faith Bitcoin Faith$0,994668$9,340 BTF-0.13%
5187Super Black Hole Super Black Hole$0,00559073$5,520 HOLE-2.81%
5186QuiverX QuiverX$0,00600765$17 722,320 QRX-15.27%
5185TRX3L TRX3L$0,107167$103 3390 TRX3L0.00%
5184Alloy Project Alloy Project$0,00057469$1,690 XAO0.00%
5183Vetri Vetri$0,00334721$70,010 VLD5.70%
5182LP-yCurve LP-yCurve$1,06$78 4080 YCURVE0.02%
5181Dragonereum GOLD Dragonereum GOLD$0,00109998$1100 GOLD0.00%
5180Bitcoin Subsidium Bitcoin Subsidium$0,098592$460,050 XBTX-5.77%
5179Bitex Global XBX Coin Bitex Global XBX Coin$0,00550408$0,010 XBX-40.82%
5178Litecoin SV Litecoin SV$0,199211$4,240 LSV-3.23%
5177Spiking Spiking$0,00329309$272,710 SPIKE300.39%
5176BCB Blockchain BCB Blockchain$1,01$4 258 4770 BCB-1.98%
5175Rock N Rain Coin Rock N Rain Coin$0,00$4,870 RNRC-15.92%
5174Flama Flama$0,0261018$48 0860 FMA-7.72%
5173Wolfs Group Wolfs Group$0,10408$11,070 WLF0.00%
5172Sudan Gold Coin Sudan Gold Coin$0,01003546$6,060 SGC0.00%
5171Biido Biido$0,00$14,340 BION2.41%
5170PIASA PIASA$0,01222738$1 460,680 PIASA-0.94%
5169SimpleChain SimpleChain$0,410227$36 4380 SIPC0.20%
51683X Long Cosmos Token 3X Long Cosmos Token$23,78$43 1650 ATOMBULL-18.92%
5167Bellevue Network Bellevue Network$0,00594118$27 3140 BLV-27.83%
5166DeroGold DeroGold$0,00$0,880 DEGO-19.05%
5165unified Stable Dollar unified Stable Dollar$0,960532$1 117,340 USD-7.27%
5164Benz Benz$0,00$00 BENZ1.61%
5163MediConnect MediConnect$0,00199052$1 598,040 MEDI31.77%
51623X Short BiLira Token 3X Short BiLira Token$13 830,50$2 766,10 TRYBBEAR0.00%
5161STONK STONK$0,00245972$91 3380 STONK-21.87%$0,01077327$0,460 BC-3.77%
5159Bankcoin Cash Bankcoin Cash$0,00$0,330 BKC30.53%
5158Amoveo Amoveo$34,58$34,580 VEO-2.87%
5157YFMoonBeam YFMoonBeam$1,05$6 959,560 YFMB5.60%
5156Hi Friends Coin Hi Friends Coin$0,00$0,060 HI0.00%
5155InnovativeBioresearchClassic InnovativeBioresearchClassic$0,00$91,790 INNBCL-13.26%
5154ONEX Network ONEX Network$0,00127463$0,020 ONEX0.00%
5153BeautyPaycoin BeautyPaycoin$0,308577$154,640 BPC0.00%
5152Charity Charity$0,01223461$2,970 CHRT-7.04%
5151UniGame UniGame$0,00032898$27 2720 UNC0.00%
5150Rise Rise$0,00644398$111 6590 RISE10.05%
5149Elxis Elxis$3,50$1 344,730 LEX-73.06%
5148Covid19 Covid19$0,00$0,660 CVD0.00%
5147BitStake BitStake$0,775269$0,040 XBS0.00%
5146Annual Coin Annual Coin$0,03106492$30,920 ANNC0.00%
5145smARTOFGIVING smARTOFGIVING$0,113265$111 9000 AOG-6.19%
5144Moneynet Moneynet$0,00$0,540 MNC0.00%
5143r/CryptoCurrency Moons r/CryptoCurrency Moons$0,056903$30 7590 MOON-10.14%
5142DubaiCoin-DBIX DubaiCoin-DBIX$0,137901$15 130,340 DBIX-13.50%
5140BUMO BUMO$0,00410828$7 931,230 BU-2.52%
5139HOMIHELP HOMIHELP$0,93809$17 159,710 HOMI-5.75%
5138CannabisCoin CannabisCoin$0,00079591$11,410 CANN-87.21%
5137Everus Everus$0,113722$90 5830 EVR7.37%
5136Yield Farming Known as Ash Yield Farming Known as Ash$47,57$12 416,880 YFKA-3.17%
5135Altmarkets Coin Altmarkets Coin$0,00133075$9,960 ALTM0.00%
5134Consensus Cell Network Consensus Cell Network$0,04207034$1 038 8880 ECELL8.16%
5133YFFII Finance YFFII Finance$12,63$319 7240 YFFII-7.01%
5132One Hundred Coin One Hundred Coin$0,0047772$344,490 ONE-3.11%
5131Staker Token Staker Token$0,00196408$3,550 STR0.00%
5130AnimalityCoin AnimalityCoin$0,00013261$2,190 ANTY-51.78%
5129ASLA ASLA$0,04451689$3,340 ASLA0.14%
5128IMSMART Token IMSMART Token$0,069189$14 914,770 IMT2.36%
5127EURBASE EURBASE$1,09$404,220 EBASE0.00%
5126Dollar Electrino Dollar Electrino$0,00224089$00 USDE0.00%
5125Cryptobuyer Token Cryptobuyer Token$0,01124048$88 3090 XPT3.31%
5124SENSO SENSO$0,278776$496 4750 SENSO-1.40%
5123Dark Energy Crystals Dark Energy Crystals$0,00094301$1 867,890 DEC3.26%
5122MEXC Token MEXC Token$0,00013281$0,190 MEXC64.17%
5121Trinity Trinity$0,00$0,060 TTY0.00%
5120P2PGO P2PGO$0,140006$62 5740 P2PG4.55%
5119Safe Safe$0,21147$1 320 4300 SAFE-0.11%
5118TRON GO TRON GO$0,00$130,950 GO-5.95%
5117Salmon Salmon$1,10$90 6680 SLM196.38%
5116Kaiju Kaiju$0,183432$3,670 KAIJU11.06%
5115MinerGate Token MinerGate Token$0,093612$5,840 MG-0.03%
5114PayMasterCoin PayMasterCoin$0,00$00 PMC0.00%
5113HLP Token HLP Token$1,06$376,310 HLP-2.85%
5112EarnzCoin EarnzCoin$0,00028331$00 ERZ0.00%
5111PlayGame PlayGame$0,00$139,310 PXG-11.70%
5110Bloc Bloc$78,97$00 DAP0.00%
5109SeChain SeChain$0,0001323$00 SNN1.29%
5108Fanta.Finance Fanta.Finance$0,134324$999,520 FANTA0.00%
5107Yeld Finance Yeld Finance$166,04$3 703 0680 YELD0.66%
5106Nuggets Nuggets$0,00048377$2 217,10 NUG-2.15%
5105Novem Gold Token Novem Gold Token$0,804356$7 326,550 NNN-1.30%
5104RealToken 8342 Schaefer Hwy Detroit MI RealToken 8342 Schaefer Hwy Detroit MI$51,62$206,470 REALTOKEN-8342-SCHAEFER-HWY-DETROIT-MI-0.55%
5103Jetmint Jetmint$0,00069247$1 296 0970 XYZ-0.27%
510212H Ichimoku HA EMA Breakout Set 12H Ichimoku HA EMA Breakout Set$111,72$113,790 ICHIEMA0.00%
5101POOLCOIN POOLCOIN$0,03493747$1,450 POOL0.00%