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Cryptocurrencies: 6854 / Markets: 47958
Market Cap: $ 1 919 590 006 262 / 24h Vol: $ 110 932 104 966 / BTC Dominance: 42.414391887294%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
5200Equus Mining Token Equus Mining Token$0,00180695$00 EQMT0.00%
5199Cyclub Cyclub$0,02566867$130 4260 CYCLUB1.46%
5198Raven X Raven X$0,00040365$26,670 RX0.00%
5197Sad Cat Token Sad Cat Token$0,00$234,050 SCAT0.00%
5196FIL12 FIL12$52,56$44 9580 FIL12-10.55%
5195Gorilla-Fi Gorilla-Fi$0,00135578$2,150 G-FI0.00%
5194CryptoWorld.VIP CryptoWorld.VIP$0,00237148$9 0870 CWV5.16%
5193ArdCoin ArdCoin$0,065756$126 4300 ARDX2.06%
5192DefiKing DefiKing$0,03164232$180,380 DFK0.00%
5191Bmining Token Bmining Token$0,00024506$00 BMT0.00%
5190Cryptonia Poker Cryptonia Poker$0,00$2 301,550 CNP-20.28%
5189FANZY FANZY$0,0006866$3 411,850 FX10.35%
5188Cyclops Treasure Cyclops Treasure$169,27$1 247,630 CYTR0.05%
5187MoonBar MoonBar$0,00042665$11,650 MOONBAR6.30%
5186P2P P2P$0,00091893$431,920 P2P-0.32%
5185RooCoin RooCoin$0,00$0,260 ROO0.00%
5184Rapidz Rapidz$0,00063226$127 4450 RPZX346.86%
51833X Short Chainlink Token 3X Short Chainlink Token$0,00$92,350 LINKBEAR-0.19%
5182Galaxium Galaxium$0,00$176,410 GLXM-6.47%
5181Hustle Token Hustle Token$0,00042139$1 135,220 HUSL0.00%
5179GUSS.ONE GUSS.ONE$0,00$2 830,430 GUSS9.62%
5178EcoG9coin EcoG9coin$0,00564494$1 182,390 EGC-1.00%
5177Ethereum Chain Token Ethereum Chain Token$0,00$6,180 ECT0.64%
5176MoonWalk MoonWalk$0,00$26,020 MOONWALK0.00%
5175Peach Peach$0,00$4,230 PEACH0.00%$0,00108341$10,750 POK0.00%
5173SOV SOV$0,00168885$0,450 SOV0.69%
5172UNICORN Token UNICORN Token$0,00034736$00 UNI-1.28%
5171BuyCoinPos BuyCoinPos$0,099078$10,90 BCP0.00%
5170Bitcoin Private Bitcoin Private$1,20$105,590 BTCP-5.75%
5169Baby EverDoge Baby EverDoge$0,00$14,70 BABY EVERDOGE4.06%
5168D Community D Community$0,00084383$60 5630 DILI-4.32%
51673X Short Tezos Token 3X Short Tezos Token$0,00$6 219,650 XTZBEAR17.05%
5166BIZZCOIN BIZZCOIN$0,278597$0,280 BIZZ-6.82%
5165Virtual Goods Token Virtual Goods Token$0,0069585$2 502,050 VGO0.46%
5164BuyPay BuyPay$0,00076923$586,820 WBPC1.56%
5163Amnext Amnext$0,0010858$2 134,790 AMC1.56%
5162Cactus Finance Cactus Finance$0,00735218$3,890 CAS0.00%
5161Storichain Token Storichain Token$0,00090209$397,770 TORI11.71%
5160Mage Doge Mage Doge$0,00$3 380,770 MGDG1.61%
5159Hundred Finance Hundred Finance$1,90$984 0000 HND419.00%
5158Limon Group Limon Group$0,00$79,40 LIMON1.92%
5157Smart Medical Coin Smart Medical Coin$0,00$2 413,260 SMC27.84%
5156HOGL Finance HOGL Finance$0,00$726,250 HOGL-5.49%
51551X Short Matic Token 1X Short Matic Token$0,437$12,020 MATICHEDGE0.11%
5154Energoncoin Energoncoin$0,03571749$14,860 TFG1-47.48%
5153Derivex Derivex$0,00090447$15 215,850 DVX6.75%
5152Stem Cell Coin Stem Cell Coin$0,00842652$114,050 SCC-6.85%
5151Tripedia Tripedia$0,00$3 935,470 TRIP-19.22%
5150Green Climate World Green Climate World$0,950989$523 4070 WGC-1.61%
5149HeroDoge HeroDoge$0,00015587$8,20 HERODOGE-0.90%
5148Jejudoge BSC Jejudoge BSC$0,00$00 JEJUDOGE2.83%
5147IdleSUSD (Yield) IdleSUSD (Yield)$1,11$00 IDLESUSDYIELD0.00%
5146Mirror Mirror$0,00049861$29,420 MOR0.00%
5145Simba Token Simba Token$0,00$32 0760 SIMBA13.07%
5144COST COIN+ COST COIN+$0,00017963$0,010 AKM0.00%
5143Commons Earth Commons Earth$0,00027433$1,760 COM-1.30%
51423X Short Swipe Token 3X Short Swipe Token$0,00$25,420 SXPBEAR0.01%
5141QuickChart QuickChart$0,00$13,90 QUICKCHART0.45%
5140Dragon's Quick Dragon's Quick$484,17$0,030 DQUICK12.48%
5139Siamese Neko Siamese Neko$0,00$9,370 SIAM-0.71%
51381X Short Algorand Token 1X Short Algorand Token$47,19$212,020 ALGOHEDGE0.00%
5137Project-X Project-X$29 000,00$0,090 NANOX45.30%
5136Republic of Dogs Republic of Dogs$0,00$11,160 ROD2.47%
5135MomoShiba MomoShiba$0,00$10 MOMO1.43%
51343X Long Tether Token 3X Long Tether Token$9 405,00$3 044,30 USDTBULL-0.97%
5133Ad Flex Token Ad Flex Token$0,332734$15 626,620 ADF-1.92%
5132Eureka Coin Eureka Coin$0,00705225$172,880 ERK12.72%
5131Art Blocks Curated Full Set Art Blocks Curated Full Set$0,00$00 ABC1230.00%
5130GLEX GLEX$0,00028354$4 724,90 GLEX11.06%
5129BabyShibby Inu BabyShibby Inu$0,00$26,120 BABYSHIB-1.95%
5128OctaPay OctaPay$0,00101167$416,040 OCTA1.94%
5127ACryptoSI ACryptoSI$2,70$58 7930 ACSI-0.72%
5126IPFST IPFST$0,01306814$24 9010 IPFST-0.03%
5125Renrenbit Renrenbit$0,819961$7 645,130 RRB-7.67%
5124The Universal Settlement Coin The Universal Settlement Coin$0,00$0,340 TUSC-1.80%
5123Moby Dick Moby Dick$0,00$563,710 WOT-0.61%
5122Safe Baby Shiba Safe Baby Shiba$0,00$40,290 SBSH8.48%
5121TimeMiner TimeMiner$1,44$00 TIME0.00%
5120Wrapped Polis Wrapped Polis$3,54$00 POLIS0.00%
5119Inverse Bitcoin Volatility Token Inverse Bitcoin Volatility Token$3 249,60$9 985,920 IBVOL1.47%
5118Swanlana Swanlana$1,84$711,90 SWAN1.89%
5117pEOS pEOS$0,00179978$875,410 PEOS11.45%
5116GigEcoin GigEcoin$0,17558$20,640 GIG0.44%
5115BenePit BenePit$0,00$7 654,490 BNP-11.06%
5114Bitlorrent Bitlorrent$0,055685$20 5580 BLT-8.27%
51130.5X Long Bitcoin Token 0.5X Long Bitcoin Token$15 851,00$97,330 HALF0.00%
5112Trexcoin Trexcoin$0,00$5,380 TREX-67.62%
5111NCAT Token NCAT Token$0,00$1 822,70 NCAT-24.87%
51101X Short TRX Token 1X Short TRX Token$60,32$15,380 TRXHEDGE5.18%
5109Nework Nework$0,00501527$5 841,240 NKC6.01%
5108BSC Farm BSC Farm$0,109728$260,30 BSC0.00%
5107TheHolyRogerCoin TheHolyRogerCoin$0,00181871$0,060 ROGER3.27%
5106VerseWar VerseWar$0,00067609$917,620 VERSE3.22%
5105HitBTC Token HitBTC Token$0,318516$884 8050 HIT1.58%
5104SolBerry SolBerry$0,01283266$2 337,770 SOLBERRY23.87%
5103TronVegasCoin TronVegasCoin$0,00320646$11,210 VCOIN-1.00%
5102StarShip Token StarShip Token$0,00$939,210 STARS10.29%
5101Investcoin Investcoin$0,00$00 INVC0.00%