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Cryptocurrencies: 4090 / Markets: 34170
Market Cap: $ 1 014 750 017 917 / 24h Vol: $ 113 670 797 144 / BTC Dominance: 66.360260725792%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
5200Sports Betting Marketplace Sports Betting Marketplace$0,00224085$886,770 SBX13.76%
5199Electric Token Electric Token$0,152403$2,270 ETR0.00%
5198Wrapped LEO Wrapped LEO$0,489711$790,390 WLEO0.12%
5197Whole Network Whole Network$0,00023282$794 4930 NODE7.42%
5196Contribute Contribute$1,72$1 998,970 TRIB-2.22%
5195BCCXGenesis BCCXGenesis$0,00774328$139,340 BCCX8.43%
5194Levolution Levolution$0,183341$28 1780 LEVL9.04%
5193Qredit Qredit$0,00036206$1,440 XQR0.30%
5192Blockchain Knowledge Coin Blockchain Knowledge Coin$0,00010805$27,450 BKC0.00%
5191Galatasaray Fan Token Galatasaray Fan Token$5,52$3 082 7250 GAL-6.92%
5190Wrapped CELO Wrapped CELO$2,23$165 4460 WCELO5.81%
5189Mega Lottery Services Global Mega Lottery Services Global$0,03123847$1 980,520 MLR-0.50%
5188Intelligent BTC Set II Intelligent BTC Set II$91,73$366,910 INTBTC0.00%
5187Level-Up Coin Level-Up Coin$0,00$0,010 LUC-2.30%
5186HealthChainUS HealthChainUS$0,00063249$236,950 HCUT-12.88%
5185Data Delivery Network Data Delivery Network$0,00735806$11 601,780 DDN-12.90%
5184Yobit Token Yobit Token$2 506,03$1 323 3680 YO1.87%
5183KickToken KickToken$0,00$10 281,980 KICK-9.01%
5182SparksPay SparksPay$0,00390729$46,340 SPK-21.92%
5181GSTCOIN GSTCOIN$0,301253$60 9810 GST-0.73%
5180ETH 26 EMA Crossover Yield II ETH 26 EMA Crossover Yield II$964,08$15 425,260 ETHEMAAPY0.76%
51793X Long Balancer Token 3X Long Balancer Token$116,71$13 557,640 BALBULL8.68%
5178APEcoin APEcoin$0,103019$10 307,470 APE-24.11%
5177Sprint Coin Sprint Coin$0,00104451$10 SPRX0.00%
5176Tokenize Xchange Tokenize Xchange$2,12$6 498 6600 TKX0.91%
5175SEED OF LOVE SEED OF LOVE$0,00$0,590 SEOL3.78%
5174BitcoinMoney BitcoinMoney$0,00$0,040 BCM0.00%
5173Vectoraic Vectoraic$0,00$00 VT0.00%
5172weBloc weBloc$0,00$75,960 WOK-54.41%
5171Maecenas Maecenas$0,00621556$21,660 ART168.10%
5170CryptoCarbon CryptoCarbon$0,01140467$55,240 CCRB0.00%
5169NoleWater NoleWater$0,00$1,010 AMSK5.01%
5168DLIKE DLIKE$0,00182215$4,830 DLIKE-1.20%
5167Sprouts Sprouts$0,00$5,060 SPRTS20.83%
5166Goat Cash Goat Cash$0,00111789$16,10 GOAT0.00%
5165Cryptotipsfr Cryptotipsfr$0,127218$69,970 CRTS0.00%
5164Ragnarok Ragnarok$0,00037125$0,010 RAGNA5.01%
5163Zayka Token Zayka Token$0,00032291$69,440 ZAY0.00%
5162VinDax Coin VinDax Coin$0,01275205$190 4770 VD-2.71%
5161BOOSTO BOOSTO$0,00044935$11,610 BST-1.68%
5160Payment Coin Payment Coin$0,0007169$00 POD-1.08%
5159Echoin Echoin$0,00234915$413 6090 EC-0.41%
5158Apiary Fund Coin Apiary Fund Coin$0,081281$2 546,920 AFC-46.45%
5157Counos Coin Counos Coin$2,56$00 CCA62.49%
5156Juventus Fan Token Juventus Fan Token$9,88$4 057 1490 JUV-1.14%
5155VIDY VIDY$0,0010132$473 0410 VIDY0.84%
5154ETHOPT ETHOPT$0,01889123$41,180 OPT1.08%
5153gAsp gAsp$0,320894$22 3920 GASP-4.55%
5152T.OS T.OS$0,00618096$537,310 TOSC1.53%
5151Foin Foin$0,271551$1 454 7500 FOIN1.72%
5150Investcoin Investcoin$0,00034055$00 INVC0.00%
5149WeBlock WeBlock$0,01369546$35 7920 WON-1.49%
5148Bitcoin Final Bitcoin Final$0,00050443$2,520 BTCF0.00%
5147Salmon Salmon$0,988464$29 0480 SLM-62.86%
5146LunesXAG LunesXAG$0,372393$0,650 LXAG0.00%
5145GANA GANA$0,00018798$2,220 GANA0.00%
5144Betller Coin Betller Coin$0,03765863$1 804,890 BTLLR-7.17%
5143W3Coin W3Coin$0,00$404,470 W3C0.00%
5142Global Crypto Alliance Global Crypto Alliance$0,00020106$0,320 CALL0.00%
5141ZillonLife ZillonLife$0,054057$2,70 ZLF0.00%
5140Hinto Hinto$0,063242$3 026,750 HNT0.00%
5139TokenSwap TokenSwap$0,418507$45 6310 TOP0.00%
5138Etheal Etheal$0,077933$1 261,980 HEAL210.34%
5137Wrapped Terra Wrapped Terra$0,822565$156 8820 LUNA1.35%
5136Hintchain Hintchain$0,00123466$62 2400 HINT0.30%
5135Markaccy Markaccy$0,02489195$39 2060 MKCY-5.31%
5134DeltaExCoin DeltaExCoin$0,00$0,310 DLTX0.00%
5133Vybe Vybe$0,129921$54 1910 VYBE-0.93%
5132Jewel Jewel$0,145566$288,220 JWL0.78%
5131SpokLottery SpokLottery$0,00$16,640 SPKL101.98%
5130CNY Tether CNY Tether$0,155894$6 322 6600 CNYT-0.40%
5129WPP Token WPP Token$0,00115452$1 958,020 WPP5.13%
5128DeroGold DeroGold$0,00$31,140 DEGO10.70%
5127Dawn Protocol Dawn Protocol$0,174655$248 2920 DAWN4.50%
5126MEX MEX$0,00016655$25 4900 MEX-10.96%
5125Shabu Shabu Shabu Shabu$0,767843$79 4580 KOBE-5.12%
5124Encocoinplus Encocoinplus$0,068799$557,970 EPG12.74%
5123Feyorra Feyorra$0,01000476$17 406,150 FEY66.83%
5122NewsTokens NewsTokens$0,07427$37,260 NEWS-76.15%
5121ECP+ Technology ECP+ Technology$0,00053865$1,080 ECP0.00%
5120Aave BUSD Aave BUSD$0,997704$1 357 8000 ABUSD-0.14%
5119Spice Token Spice Token$0,00130119$16 480,410 SPICE3.57%
5118GoldenPyrex GoldenPyrex$0,04258101$7 322,770 GPYX39.39%
5117Prophet Prophet$0,346492$7 547,820 PROPHET-15.45%
5116Qcore.Finance Qcore.Finance$1,46$20,50 QCORE-0.04%
5115Digiwill Digiwill$0,00054477$0,050 DGW0.00%
5114MedicalVeda MedicalVeda$0,067732$39,490 MVEDA-1.63%
5113Beenode Beenode$0,167676$1,510 BNODE-1.15%
5112Dynamic Supply Tracker Dynamic Supply Tracker$0,425217$00 DSTR-0.38%
5111Aqua Aqua$552,54$977 0150 AQUA-42.44%
5110IOTE IOTE$0,00$137,760 IOTE0.00%
5109Kper Network Kper Network$0,00$00 KPER0.00%
5108Newton Project Newton Project$0,00029157$820 3740 NEW-0.36%
5107View View$0,051977$431,180 VIEW0.00%
5106Glox Finance Glox Finance$177,23$229 1920 GLOX-1.58%
5105VeraOne VeraOne$59,47$6 896,80 VRO-1.59%
5104Cryptotask Cryptotask$1,25$1 080,510 CTF0.34%
5103AfroDex AfroDex$0,00$2 797,030 AFROX0.00%
5102Lightning Bitcoin Lightning Bitcoin$1,53$1 142 0130 LBTC-0.42%
51016ix9ine Chain 6ix9ine Chain$0,00$00 69C0.00%