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Cryptocurrencies: 4667 / Markets: 37968
Market Cap: $ 2 049 351 556 114 / 24h Vol: $ 155 300 950 201 / BTC Dominance: 54.500230238333%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
5200Tokyo Coin Tokyo Coin$0,0001196$16,750 TOKC99.44%
5199Elevation Token Elevation Token$5,23$33,030 EVT0.00%
5198GLEX GLEX$0,00032202$5 587,110 GLEX0.36%
5197LP-yCurve LP-yCurve$1,10$4 334,850 YCURVE0.07%
5196XSwap XSwap$0,00$76,930 XSP-30.78%
5195Decentralize Currency Decentralize Currency$0,00179162$8,940 DCA0.00%
5194Torchain Torchain$0,00$5 056,670 TOR119.88%
5193MONEY PARTY MONEY PARTY$0,0048185$5 510,090 PARTY-2.19%
5192Jurasaur Jurasaur$0,00197106$10,270 JREX0.29%
5191Finance Vote Finance Vote$0,051824$817 2900 FVT8.71%
5190FUUPAY FUUPAY$0,00084324$23 8570 FPT-10.41%
5189GiletJauneCoin GiletJauneCoin$0,02328503$28,310 GJCO-5.75%
5188300FIT 300FIT$0,0080174$5 588 3190 FIT0.92%
5187FC Bitcoin FC Bitcoin$1 306,40$00 FCBTC0.00%
5186MP4 MP4$0,01172929$119 0720 MP4-11.25%
5185FuzzBalls FuzzBalls$0,01055615$00 FUZZ0.00%
5184HiGameCoin HiGameCoin$0,00530033$1,130 HGC-0.09%
5183UniDexBot BSC UniDexBot BSC$595,56$60 2600 BUNDB5.04%
5182RING X PLATFORM RING X PLATFORM$0,188289$7 234 3720 RINGX3.65%
5181Dejave Dejave$1 747,45$4 972,410 DJV-2.33%
5180UPBTC Token UPBTC Token$0,00027503$1,870 UPB0.00%
5179BallSwap BallSwap$0,00115774$67 6180 BSP7.19%
5178Tedesis Tedesis$0,00$196,580 TDI-1.02%
51771X Short Algorand Token 1X Short Algorand Token$176,52$11,860 ALGOHEDGE-3.52%
5176Oracolxor Oracolxor$0,00046819$3,670 XOR13.16%
5175Money Token Money Token$0,475664$00 MNT0.00%
5174BLUECHIPS Token BLUECHIPS Token$0,00$7 512,110 BCHIP13.05%
5173SONO SONO$0,0095679$107,340 SONO-0.36%
5172Cybereits Cybereits$0,00119202$2,80 CRE13.60%
5171Decentralized Oracle Decentralized Oracle$0,03372397$148 0560 DEOR-23.22%
5170TrueCAD TrueCAD$0,777879$00 TCAD0.00%
5169TronClassic TronClassic$0,00$00 TRXC-0.67%
5168Securypto Securypto$0,02801525$49,030 SCU0.00%
5167Cryptorg Token Cryptorg Token$0,03586783$1 458,810 CTG27.00%
5166BitTorro BitTorro$3,28$591,40 TORRO0.00%
5165Bodhi Network Bodhi Network$0,0400197$72,820 NBOT8.06%
5164Quebecoin Quebecoin$0,00414602$2,960 QBC-0.66%
5163BonezYard BonezYard$0,060954$26 7340 BNZ1.63%
5162Score Milk Score Milk$0,392312$17 902,330 MILK18.63%
5161Bitor Bitor$0,00$76,20 BTR-0.40%
5160BitPal BitPal$0,0041836$7,20 BTP0.00%
5159Dexchain Dexchain$0,00359541$175 8700 DXC6.55%
5158LNKO Token LNKO Token$0,00124918$5 234,250 LNKO-0.75%
5157SaltSwap SaltSwap$0,423313$103 0470 SALT-5.80%
5156InvestDigital InvestDigital$0,02084547$743 0990 IDT-6.46%
5155IOOX System IOOX System$0,00876055$223,390 IOOX-18.97%
5154The Global Index Chain The Global Index Chain$0,0013433$645,730 TGIC1.14%
5153Master Coin Point Master Coin Point$0,00267971$4,410 MACPO0.00%
5152Rich Maker Rich Maker$3,54$8 852,430 RICH-7.02%
5151Decentralized Mining Exchange Decentralized Mining Exchange$0,381622$111 9790 DMC1.09%
5150Crow Crow$377,44$118 0730 CROW-6.93%
5149Smart Dollar Smart Dollar$0,00176715$100,90 SD0.11%
5148NPO Coin NPO Coin$1,03$11 896,180 NPO2.86%
5147DLIKE DLIKE$0,00722906$121,30 DLIKE14.82%
5146Glitch Protocol Glitch Protocol$0,311952$2 066 0950 GLCH16.82%
5145Insurance Fintech Insurance Fintech$1,75$34 3970 IFC0.00%
5144Rootstock RSK Rootstock RSK$60 485,00$145 6520 RBTC1.02%
5143Unlock Protocol Unlock Protocol$2 033,11$13 188 2960 UDT15.98%
5142Aludra Network Aludra Network$0,00100289$334,980 ALD1.81%
5141Brapper Token Brapper Token$0,00$00 BRAP0.00%
5140DeGate DeGate$0,302295$1 267 1450 DG36.26%
5139YFET YFET$10,47$41,250 YFET-0.20%
5138Spore Finance Spore Finance$0,00$2 731,520 SPORE3.34%
5137Strudel Finance Strudel Finance$2,86$109 0760 TRDL13.06%
5136Benz Benz$0,00021484$30,930 BENZ0.52%
5135Double Ace Double Ace$0,00666566$268 5620 DAA0.26%
5134GFORCE GFORCE$5,43$129 2410 GFCE8.91%
5133UCX FOUNDATION UCX FOUNDATION$0,182407$598,560 UCX-19.23%
5132Aureus Nummus Gold Aureus Nummus Gold$0,00105007$6,040 ANG-44.15%
5131Flash Flash$0,00470132$39,240 FLASH-2.15%
5130GazeTV GazeTV$0,00638439$97 2860 GAZE13.47%
5129JOOS Protocol JOOS Protocol$0,00059828$0,020 JOOS-66.52%
5128SharkYield SharkYield$0,01213038$2 485,930 SHARK0.00%
5127Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket$3,66$297 4570 BLCT0.45%
5126WiBX WiBX$0,02702443$1 210 2610 WBX-3.24%
5125i9X Coin i9X Coin$101,39$20,440 I9X-0.99%
5124Lykke Lykke$0,0158323$13 317,650 LKK8.72%
5123Answer Governance Answer Governance$0,03784798$451 6500 AGOV-34.31%
5122Iconic Token Iconic Token$0,605121$32 9640 ICNQ6.27%
5121Channels Channels$13,21$373 6280 CAN-16.82%
5120Cachecoin Cachecoin$0,00118812$2,570 CACH-1.54%
5119Bitvote Bitvote$0,516727$0,230 BTV0.00%
5118ETF Dao ETF Dao$0,03032917$0,330 TFD-0.89%
5117Counos Coin Counos Coin$1,06$16 621,50 CCA0.57%
5116Qovar Coin Qovar Coin$0,595307$56,420 QC2.05%
5115BlackFisk BlackFisk$14,88$23 9200 BLFI-4.64%
5114ChainLink Trading Set ChainLink Trading Set$1 292,10$1 292,10 CTS0.76%
5113SuperTx Governance Token SuperTx Governance Token$114,53$5 800 0400 SUP8.81%
5111Equalizer Equalizer$2,08$1 846 4340 EQZ-13.64%
5110Creditcoin Creditcoin$6,30$16 828 7120 CTC-2.85%
5109Global AEX Token Global AEX Token$0,036554$8 782 7600 GAT5.96%
5108Yearn Finance Center Yearn Finance Center$237,66$3 509,510 YFC19.52%
51071X Short OKB Token 1X Short OKB Token$112,33$24,490 OKBHEDGE0.00%
5106Bitcoin Subsidium Bitcoin Subsidium$0,0132573$262,730 XBTX-17.67%
5105Bunnycoin Bunnycoin$0,00$10,830 BUN-23.08%
5104Super Gold Super Gold$0,03949789$4 996,270 SPG-1.13%
5103Vanci Finance Vanci Finance$11,87$31 9260 VANCII82.48%
5102SHIELD SHIELD$0,00072321$28,140 XSH10.34%
5101Tenset Tenset$2,33$1 817 2670 10SET5.68%