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Cryptocurrencies: 4210 / Markets: 34938
Market Cap: $ 1 422 394 597 568 / 24h Vol: $ 127 413 923 904 / BTC Dominance: 60.614433088034%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
430#MetaHash #MetaHash$33 149 983$0,01318136$965 2552 514 913 147 MHC190.06%
25860.5X Long Algorand Token 0.5X Long Algorand Token$15 643,03$108,410 ALGOHALF0.00%
26030.5X Long Altcoin Index Token 0.5X Long Altcoin Index Token$16 681,36$104,930 ALTHALF0.00%
37260.5X Long Bitcoin Cash Token 0.5X Long Bitcoin Cash Token$9 205,24$95,730 BCHHALF0.00%
25410.5X Long Bitcoin SV Token 0.5X Long Bitcoin SV Token$5 940,76$242,570 BSVHALF-2.18%
38230.5X Long DeFi Index Token 0.5X Long DeFi Index Token$14 852,28$163,970 DEFIHALF-5.45%
38190.5X Long Dogecoin Token 0.5X Long Dogecoin Token$51 211,00$196,960 DOGEHALF0.00%
42160.5X Long Ethereum Token 0.5X Long Ethereum Token$18 952,69$49,090 ETHHALF0.00%
24120.5X Long Kyber Network Token 0.5X Long Kyber Network Token$7 886,94$98,820 KNCHALF0.00%
50520.5X Long Matic Token 0.5X Long Matic Token$19 525,24$0,20 MATICHALF0.00%
34330.5X Long OKB Token 0.5X Long OKB Token$15 147,34$101,640 OKBHALF0.00%
43250.5X Long PAX Gold Token 0.5X Long PAX Gold Token$5 996,85$170,850 PAXGHALF0.00%
46870.5X Long Privacy Index Token 0.5X Long Privacy Index Token$15 045,23$103,810 PRIVHALF0.00%
42590.5X Long Shitcoin Index Token 0.5X Long Shitcoin Index Token$18 376,73$210,230 HALFSHIT0.00%
50190.5X Long Swipe Token 0.5X Long Swipe Token$12 852,56$131,480 SXPHALF-0.15%
37180.5X Long Tether Gold Token 0.5X Long Tether Gold Token$6 726,71$3,970 XAUTHALF0.00%
23980.5X Long Tezos Token 0.5X Long Tezos Token$8 015,77$92,580 XTZHALF0.00%
212701coin 01coin$32 792$0,00310831$12 475,2110 646 360,83 ZOC3.72%
28180cash 0cash$0,00044929$23,260 ZCH-6.82%
4810chain 0chain$26 104 438$0,539337$228 68748 400 982 ZCN-2.77%
670x 0x$942 845 604$1,25$200 737 884750 306 450,69 ZRX-6.82%
11330xBitcoin 0xBitcoin$2 416 810$0,335626$383 1367 198 650 0XBTC-6.89%
13100xcert 0xcert$1 287 429$0,00310224$109 001414 999 999 ZXC-1.38%
46250xMonero 0xMonero$0,04329477$909,80 0XMR-11.39%
5023100 Waves ETH/USD Yield Set 100 Waves ETH/USD Yield Set$552,29$47 3690 100W0.00%
31551337 1337$1,76$1 319,740 13370.00%
1081inch 1inch$369 548 567$3,84$335 883 88596 249 017,09 1INCH-12.00%
25401irstGold 1irstGold$62,94$86 1010 1GOLD-1.04%
17651Million Token 1Million Token$184 284$0,268285$35 657831 703,06 1MT-1.54%
11021World 1World$2 681 106$0,105889$11 096,0825 056 339,9 1WO-2.53%
42551X Short Algorand Token 1X Short Algorand Token$228,15$121,840 ALGOHEDGE0.00%
28171X Short Bitcoin Token 1X Short Bitcoin Token$151,13$73 4930 HEDGE6.12%
31051X Short Compound USDT Token 1X Short Compound USDT Token$6 572,17$499,810 CUSDTHEDGE0.00%
34891X Short Cosmos Token 1X Short Cosmos Token$195,40$19,670 ATOMHEDGE15.68%
31251X Short EOS Token 1X Short EOS Token$822,62$128,170 EOSHEDGE1.04%
42351X Short Matic Token 1X Short Matic Token$20,74$39,080 MATICHEDGE19.40%
50511X Short Swipe Token 1X Short Swipe Token$258,72$3,030 SXPHEDGE0.00%
30411X Short VeChain Token 1X Short VeChain Token$871,12$920 VETHEDGE0.00%
17892ACoin 2ACoin$211 961$0,02783959$360,457 613 666,26 ARMS-5.06%
19242GIVE 2GIVE$106 613$0,00020251$0,06526 449 803 2GIVE0.87%$2 247 372$0,05165$109 05243 486 241,37 2KEY-0.06%
21412X2 2X2$31 324$0,00044903$0,3169 760 127,13 2X2-4.83%
4749300FIT 300FIT$0,0024934$1 284 5910 FIT-2.68%
2951360 Tribe 360 Tribe$0,00$0,030 TRIBE0.00%
51433X Long Algorand Token 3X Long Algorand Token$0,0007057$542 9750 ALGOBULL5.84%
46563X Long Altcoin Index Token 3X Long Altcoin Index Token$375,91$56 3680 ALTBULL-14.33%
42243X Long BiLira Token 3X Long BiLira Token$5 806,24$0,990 TRYBBULL0.00%
34163X Long Bitcoin SV Token 3X Long Bitcoin SV Token$0,02416561$149 0280 BSVBULL-7.07%
43423X Long BitMax Token Token 3X Long BitMax Token Token$256,55$30 3170 BTMXBULL-7.53%
50913X Long Cardano Token 3X Long Cardano Token$60 334,00$56 818 8660 ADABULL-25.28%
50083X Long Chainlink Token 3X Long Chainlink Token$358,80$893 1190 LINKBULL-10.99%
49823X Long Compound Token Token 3X Long Compound Token Token$1 393,86$16 317,170 COMPBULL-26.32%
46953X Long Cosmos Token 3X Long Cosmos Token$35,53$866 6380 ATOMBULL-27.48%
30563X Long Ethereum Token 3X Long Ethereum Token$2 393,38$19 853 4090 ETHBULL-21.22%
50393X Long Kyber Network Token 3X Long Kyber Network Token$80,49$801 6290 KNCBULL-26.10%
26093X Long Litecoin Token 3X Long Litecoin Token$4,70$750 7660 LTCBULL-19.87%
48823X Long Matic Token 3X Long Matic Token$10,24$347 6690 MATICBULL-23.09%
34633X Long Midcap Index Token 3X Long Midcap Index Token$2 497,65$21 8450 MIDBULL-18.42%
35443X Long OKB Token 3X Long OKB Token$2 673,04$19 189,890 OKBBULL-36.01%
46413X Long PAX Gold Token 3X Long PAX Gold Token$5 370,04$0,320 PAXGBULL0.52%
48153X Long Stellar Token 3X Long Stellar Token$1 232,66$289 6900 XLMBULL5.04%
50843X Long Sushi Token 3X Long Sushi Token$0,745618$1 257 8520 SUSHIBULL-24.27%
38383X Long Tether Gold Token 3X Long Tether Gold Token$7 549,41$1 147,490 XAUTBULL-0.82%
45763X Long Tezos Token 3X Long Tezos Token$28,53$122 8680 XTZBULL-13.00%
46713X Long Theta Network Token 3X Long Theta Network Token$14 353,39$7 227,860 THETABULL-10.08%
46673X Long VeChain Token 3X Long VeChain Token$93,26$82 5070 VETBULL-18.54%
38503X Short Altcoin Index Token 3X Short Altcoin Index Token$0,050573$3 184,030 ALTBEAR28.68%
26353X Short Balancer Token 3X Short Balancer Token$0,0059219$883,530 BALBEAR28.39%
34943X Short BiLira Token 3X Short BiLira Token$5 519,03$2,650 TRYBBEAR0.00%
31243X Short Bitcoin Cash Token 3X Short Bitcoin Cash Token$0,091903$81 4550 BCHBEAR24.16%
45083X Short Bitcoin SV Token 3X Short Bitcoin SV Token$0,00879028$20 3190 BSVBEAR2.75%
34373X Short Cardano Token 3X Short Cardano Token$0,00$441 9740 ADABEAR21.33%
37863X Short Chainlink Token 3X Short Chainlink Token$0,00$71 8160 LINKBEAR6.77%
37033X Short Compound Token Token 3X Short Compound Token Token$0,00251112$963,880 COMPBEAR25.89%
28283X Short Compound USDT Token 3X Short Compound USDT Token$8 259,20$9,990 CUSDTBEAR0.00%
24993X Short Cosmos Token 3X Short Cosmos Token$0,0012675$16 9910 ATOMBEAR34.36%
48673X Short Dogecoin Token 3X Short Dogecoin Token$0,00$19 328,610 DOGEBEAR13.47%
44513X Short Huobi Token Token 3X Short Huobi Token Token$0,370105$5 172,530 HTBEAR51.31%
36073X Short LEO Token 3X Short LEO Token$1 863,96$19,940 LEOBEAR0.00%
36523X Short Maker Token 3X Short Maker Token$0,428542$620,020 MKRBEAR33.93%
28863X Short Matic Token 3X Short Matic Token$0,00$48,30 MATICBEAR-1.42%
31393X Short Midcap Index Token 3X Short Midcap Index Token$0,085172$141 2560 MIDBEAR14.87%
42373X Short OKB Token 3X Short OKB Token$0,00182212$8 448,10 OKBBEAR40.19%
26993X Short Stellar Token 3X Short Stellar Token$11,75$16 582,930 XLMBEAR6.33%
50813X Short Sushi Token 3X Short Sushi Token$0,00$85 6270 SUSHIBEAR6.84%
38443X Short Tether Gold Token 3X Short Tether Gold Token$2 333,49$47,250 XAUTBEAR0.00%
47143X Short Tether Token 3X Short Tether Token$4 139,72$128,980 USDTBEAR0.00%
46283XT 3XT$220,67$21,950 3XT0.00%
2335404 404$712,56$0,00179036$4,26398 000 404-24.32%
84142-coin 42-coin$6 608 603$157 348,00$6 246,7142 42-3.46%
25214ART Coin 4ART Coin$0,222643$48 0690 4ART-3.11%
22264New 4New$14 406,45$0,00023639$3 302,2661 154 930 KWATT-6.88%
12764thpillar technologies 4thpillar technologies$1 497 884$0,01099136$653 635135 813 349,92 FOUR-6.78%
4286502 Bad Gateway Token 502 Bad Gateway Token$0,00052876$00 Z5020.00%
3829520 520$0,00155436$4 269,40 520-0.05%
37467Chain 7Chain$0,00799399$211,170 VII-0.11%
49807Finance 7Finance$0,35392$416 7780 SVN369.51%
43377up 7up$4,71$610 2410 7UP-36.23%
47088mph 88mph$27 243 137$91,73$3 954 616294 938,5 MPH-9.40%
502899Masternodes 99Masternodes$0,00182571$3,90 NMN-23.25%