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Cryptocurrencies: 5220 / Markets: 29344
Market Cap: $ 351 461 157 750 / 24h Vol: $ 141 777 879 738 / BTC Dominance: 57.6133%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
424#MetaHash #MetaHash$7 590 497$0,00345162$1 923 0172 199 112 872 MHC0.93%
3114$AAPL $AAPL$13,93$16 333,810 $AAPL-7.88%
4865$ICK Mask $ICK Mask$120,21$120,210 ICK0.00%
47090.5X Long Bitcoin Token 0.5X Long Bitcoin Token$8 156,99$59,460 HALF0.00%
23550.5X Long BNB Token 0.5X Long BNB Token$8 910,04$5,790 BNBHALF0.00%
29410.5X Long Cosmos Token 0.5X Long Cosmos Token$9 540,87$4,480 ATOMHALF0.00%
24720.5X Long DeFi Index Token 0.5X Long DeFi Index Token$9 060,86$300,010 DEFIHALF0.00%
47570.5X Long Ethereum Token 0.5X Long Ethereum Token$9 366,12$2,250 ETHHALF0.00%
29480.5X Long Exchange Token Index Token 0.5X Long Exchange Token Index Token$6 976,06$57,970 EXCHHALF0.00%
50690.5X Long Kyber Network Token 0.5X Long Kyber Network Token$7 580,98$29,410 KNCHALF0.00%
47560.5X Long Litecoin Token 0.5X Long Litecoin Token$6 587,44$29,970 LTCHALF0.00%
43500.5X Long Midcap Index Token 0.5X Long Midcap Index Token$9 091,96$30,090 MIDHALF0.00%
41550.5X Long PAX Gold Token 0.5X Long PAX Gold Token$6 179,32$47,640 PAXGHALF-0.56%
38220.5X Long Shitcoin Index Token 0.5X Long Shitcoin Index Token$10 879,35$30,240 HALFSHIT0.00%
24670.5X Long Tether Token 0.5X Long Tether Token$6 155,62$0,120 USDTHALF0.00%
29330.5X Long Theta Network Token 0.5X Long Theta Network Token$6 879,17$2 762,470 THETAHALF0.00%
38620.5X Long XRP Token 0.5X Long XRP Token$7 894,43$30,790 XRPHALF0.00%
148001coin 01coin$66 942$0,00628777$9 304,6210 646 360,83 ZOC73.41%
45400cash 0cash$0,00109379$176,010 ZCH11.73%
3160chain 0chain$14 521 259$0,300736$355 90348 400 982 ZCN-2.68%
530x 0x$311 362 372$0,433153$46 621 685720 255 195,93 ZRX-3.10%
10170xBitcoin 0xBitcoin$571 210$0,090135$1 418 1726 345 750 0XBTC-5.31%
7800xcert 0xcert$1 532 387$0,00369726$399 502414 999 999 ZXC-2.92%
45380xMonero 0xMonero$0,04027044$10 587,150 0XMR1.56%
51270xZAR 0xZAR$0,00054629$153,270 XZAR0.00%
4856100 Waves ETH/USD Ether Hoard Set 100 Waves ETH/USD Ether Hoard Set$126,72$288,840 100WETH0.00%
4577100 Waves ETH/USD Yield Set 100 Waves ETH/USD Yield Set$161,54$387,70 100W0.00%
364412Ships 12Ships$0,00386445$520 2840 TSHP5.80%
47631AI 1AI$0,00010125$1,010 1AI0.00%
38751ClickToken 1ClickToken$10 941,75$377 2720 1CT0.46%
46851irstcoin 1irstcoin$0,695467$133,530 FST0.00%
12301Million Token 1Million Token$241 233$0,310487$15 801,59777 503,06 1MT-2.28%
7231World 1World$1 893 929$0,075704$6 813,1225 056 339,9 1WO0.58%
23591X Short Algorand Token 1X Short Algorand Token$1 544,63$110,850 ALGOHEDGE0.00%
30021X Short Altcoin Index Token 1X Short Altcoin Index Token$3 227,14$99,720 ALTHEDGE0.00%
38491X Short Bitcoin Cash Token 1X Short Bitcoin Cash Token$3 242,70$2 304,880 BCHHEDGE0.00%
32001X Short Bitcoin SV Token 1X Short Bitcoin SV Token$948,76$22,490 BSVHEDGE0.00%
43111X Short BitMax Token Token 1X Short BitMax Token Token$1 355,36$2,710 BTMXHEDGE0.00%
44251X Short Cardano Token 1X Short Cardano Token$756,90$177,640 ADAHEDGE0.00%
43831X Short Compound Token Token 1X Short Compound Token Token$1 669,69$1 974,910 COMPHEDGE0.00%
22951X Short Cosmos Token 1X Short Cosmos Token$1 121,14$519,990 ATOMHEDGE0.00%
42271X Short DeFi Index Token 1X Short DeFi Index Token$2 702,12$540,150 DEFIHEDGE0.00%
38061X Short Dogecoin Token 1X Short Dogecoin Token$2 862,89$9,730 DOGEHEDGE0.00%
23431X Short Dragon Index Token 1X Short Dragon Index Token$1 599,18$1,440 DRGNHEDGE0.00%
42451X Short EOS Token 1X Short EOS Token$1 700,96$11,810 EOSHEDGE0.00%
47141X Short Huobi Token Token 1X Short Huobi Token Token$3 063,58$30,020 HTHEDGE0.00%
42871X Short LEO Token 1X Short LEO Token$9 144,54$29,990 LEOHEDGE0.00%
47131X Short Litecoin Token 1X Short Litecoin Token$5 995,91$2,940 LTCHEDGE0.00%
43771X Short Midcap Index Token 1X Short Midcap Index Token$1 484,84$3,710 MIDHEDGE0.00%
45691X Short Shitcoin Index Token 1X Short Shitcoin Index Token$1 638,25$0,160 HEDGESHIT0.00%
20661X Short Swipe Token 1X Short Swipe Token$998,95$23,320 SXPHEDGE-8.46%
36351X Short Theta Network Token 1X Short Theta Network Token$2 641,28$408,340 THETAHEDGE0.00%
44241X Short VeChain Token 1X Short VeChain Token$6 580,29$9,940 VETHEDGE0.00%
46581X Short XRP Token 1X Short XRP Token$3 037,48$19,140 XRPHEDGE0.00%
18341X2 Coin 1X2 Coin$3 311,07$0,00064681$0,015 119 079,19 1X20.00%
27832+2=4+4=8 2+2=4+4=8$15,80$2,440 22480.00%
13962ACoin 2ACoin$104 238$0,01522978$167,046 844 370,31 ARMS0.55%
15092GIVE 2GIVE$57 021$0,00010871$4,35524 510 567,77 2GIVE0.00%
16742X2 2X2$17 673,83$0,00098537$58,2117 936 204,03 2X20.67%
3698360 Tribe 360 Tribe$0,00$0,670 TRIBE0.00%
20853X Long Algorand Token 3X Long Algorand Token$0,00225989$32 9620 ALGOBULL-0.83%
30903X Long Bitcoin Cash Token 3X Long Bitcoin Cash Token$3,47$87 7110 BCHBULL0.16%
39863X Long Bitcoin SV Token 3X Long Bitcoin SV Token$0,318558$158 0690 BSVBULL-3.09%
49413X Long BitMax Token Token 3X Long BitMax Token Token$10,96$7 465,960 BTMXBULL-23.32%
22433X Long Compound Token Token 3X Long Compound Token Token$2 676,01$4 152,640 COMPBULL23.52%
20703X Long Cosmos Token 3X Long Cosmos Token$47,30$33 8770 ATOMBULL5.23%
47443X Long DeFi Index Token 3X Long DeFi Index Token$7 406,28$20 0530 DEFIBULL-1.92%
42953X Long Dragon Index Token 3X Long Dragon Index Token$706,34$186,410 DRGNBULL2.48%
43823X Long EOS Token 3X Long EOS Token$1,44$769 1920 EOSBULL0.70%
46923X Long Ethereum Classic Token 3X Long Ethereum Classic Token$52,82$23,030 ETCBULL-9.14%
22333X Long Ethereum Token 3X Long Ethereum Token$527,89$4 554 7590 ETHBULL4.93%
27593X Long Kyber Network Token 3X Long Kyber Network Token$1 393,43$7 586,760 KNCBULL-15.49%
47843X Long Litecoin Token 3X Long Litecoin Token$1,97$102 4390 LTCBULL1.07%
40783X Long Maker Token 3X Long Maker Token$4 034,46$305,360 MKRBULL27.06%
45393X Long Matic Token 3X Long Matic Token$2,09$35 9930 MATICBULL3.88%
45413X Long Midcap Index Token 3X Long Midcap Index Token$769,00$28,530 MIDBULL0.00%
41783X Long Shitcoin Index Token 3X Long Shitcoin Index Token$513,33$322,290 BULLSHIT2.77%
48633X Long Sushi Token 3X Long Sushi Token$1,23$238 9380 SUSHIBULL55.17%
20713X Long Swipe Token 3X Long Swipe Token$2 420,88$207 8090 SXPBULL23.02%
46883X Long Tether Gold Token 3X Long Tether Gold Token$11 702,42$111,960 XAUTBULL5.05%
40873X Long Tether Token 3X Long Tether Token$6 379,85$29,920 USDTBULL0.00%
50093X Long Tezos Token 3X Long Tezos Token$249,39$19 160,140 XTZBULL0.24%
20723X Long Theta Network Token 3X Long Theta Network Token$1 125,94$142 2420 THETABULL41.60%
28533X Long TomoChain Token 3X Long TomoChain Token$0,899955$39 5660 TOMOBULL10.44%
35903X Long TRX Token 3X Long TRX Token$4,34$438 7700 TRXBULL24.64%
47343X Short Algorand Token 3X Short Algorand Token$0,080623$3 500,070 ALGOBEAR6.09%
20923X Short Altcoin Index Token 3X Short Altcoin Index Token$89,40$6 347,50 ALTBEAR-5.32%
31673X Short Balancer Token 3X Short Balancer Token$7,15$11 496,040 BALBEAR-14.99%
41233X Short Bitcoin Cash Token 3X Short Bitcoin Cash Token$24,51$29 9680 BCHBEAR-0.40%
47893X Short Bitcoin SV Token 3X Short Bitcoin SV Token$0,294043$75 8680 BSVBEAR2.93%
22933X Short BNB Token 3X Short BNB Token$0,691523$291 1780 BNBBEAR-6.65%
24903X Short Cardano Token 3X Short Cardano Token$1,11$544 8910 ADABEAR-2.78%
41093X Short Chainlink Token 3X Short Chainlink Token$0,01648218$428 4440 LINKBEAR2.32%
47583X Short DeFi Index Token 3X Short DeFi Index Token$228,75$43 1560 DEFIBEAR1.92%
42633X Short Dragon Index Token 3X Short Dragon Index Token$12,98$262,540 DRGNBEAR0.00%
36723X Short EOS Token 3X Short EOS Token$2,90$1 248 7950 EOSBEAR-0.42%
43723X Short Ethereum Classic Token 3X Short Ethereum Classic Token$12,31$1,60 ETCBEAR0.00%
42403X Short Ethereum Token 3X Short Ethereum Token$0,069226$2 159 6160 ETHBEAR-6.91%
46783X Short Huobi Token Token 3X Short Huobi Token Token$114,74$4 685,780 HTBEAR-4.43%
42483X Short Litecoin Token 3X Short Litecoin Token$347,87$65 1740 LTCBEAR-1.87%