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Cryptocurrencies: 6854 / Markets: 47958
Market Cap: $ 1 919 590 006 262 / 24h Vol: $ 110 932 104 966 / BTC Dominance: 42.414391887294%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
5000Defis Network Defis Network$3,38$97 1990 DFS-4.40%
4999Pivx Lite Pivx Lite$0,00444473$52,010 PIVXL0.00%
4998NFTBooks NFTBooks$0,00$154 5880 NFTBS19.36%
4997BankerDoge BankerDoge$0,0057128$42 2680 BANKER-0.03%
4996Vendit Vendit$0,01356192$31 7050 VNDT0.54%
4995Ghostface Ghostface$0,00$2 799,20 GHOSTFACE3.58%
4994Sparkle Loyalty Sparkle Loyalty$0,00239707$867,440 SPRKL-28.12%
4993Rebit Rebit$0,00597318$151 2220 KEYT-1.66%
4992LCMS LCMS$0,309097$138 0790 LCMS-0.88%
4991CY Finance CY Finance$0,00$28,890 CYF0.00%
4990Blockchain Exchange Alliance Blockchain Exchange Alliance$0,00031778$49 2510 BXA-13.21%
4989Wallet Plus X Wallet Plus X$0,00$242,720 WPX1.98%
4988Falcon Nine Falcon Nine$0,01134518$106 6970 F96.18%
4987Heavens Gate Heavens Gate$145,83$00 HATE0.00%
4986Silver Token Silver Token$0,283894$2 241,260 SILVER-7.03%
4985Claim Claim$0,208625$00 CLAIM0.00%$0,00$32 6780 WOLF-5.29%
4983Callisto Network Callisto Network$0,00741189$123 8610 CLO10.83%
4982Realfinance Network Realfinance Network$0,00339122$56 2410 REFI-2.95%
4981SaunaFinance Token SaunaFinance Token$0,252662$25 3150 SAUNA4.43%
4980Asac Coin Asac Coin$0,00346973$00 ASAC0.00%
4979DeepSpace Token DeepSpace Token$0,00$865 3480 DXO-6.75%
4978M2 M2$0,00404984$132 4370 M210.65%
4977Hash Bridge Oracle Hash Bridge Oracle$0,01437654$25 3270 HBO-20.68%
4976Repo Coin Repo Coin$0,176831$1 603 1230 REPO4.12%
4975PGOV PGOV$0,00504638$1 068,990 PGOV5.24%
4974Captain Captain$0,00$1 241,640 CAPT15.24%
4973TONStarter TONStarter$2,40$1 836,480 TOS1.02%
4972Xpose Protocol Xpose Protocol$0,00$00 XP0.00%
4971Sugarchain Sugarchain$0,00048239$154,140 SUGAR-42.96%
4970Catgirl Catgirl$0,00$38 1060 CATGIRL1.89%
4969SafeMoney SafeMoney$0,00$72 5820 SAFEMONEY5.34%
4968Huobi Pool Token Huobi Pool Token$0,00366889$2 004 1840 HPT-13.15%
4967WadzPay Token WadzPay Token$0,0183554$1 182 6990 WTK1.63%
4966Mello Token Mello Token$0,01920878$25 4840 MELLO-0.75%
4965Baby-Shark.Finance Baby-Shark.Finance$0,00$2,120 BBS3.55%
4964Gameologyv2 Gameologyv2$0,00010668$4 529,990 GMYX5.47%
4963Degenerate Money Degenerate Money$0,01038384$41,140 DEGENR0.00%
4962GENES Chain GENES Chain$0,00$5,070 GENES0.00%
4961BigCash BigCash$1,98$1,980 BGC0.00%
4960Blizzard Blizzard$1,15$38 7450 XBLZD0.18%
4959GoCrypto GoCrypto$0,092282$116 0020 GOC1.09%
4958Helios Charts Helios Charts$0,00142323$1 361,810 $SOL2.75%
4957CVP Token CVP Token$2,86$14 955 9730 CVP93.21%
4956SumSwap SumSwap$0,307516$749 8230 SUM34.85%
4955DefyDefi DefyDefi$0,00141697$83,690 DEFY2.79%
4954Edgecoin Edgecoin$0,998701$1 227 8430 EDGT-0.53%
4953JOYS JOYS$0,00911892$48 3080 JOYS2.97%
4952Benz Benz$0,00$886,560 BENZ0.00%
4951DMD DMD$22,82$2 664 8100 DMD2.09%
4950delta.theta delta.theta$0,170285$96 5950 DLTA6.11%
4949Solyard Finance Solyard Finance$0,02694792$355 7910 YARD-18.64%
4948Foxdcoin Foxdcoin$0,00$1,550 FOXD4.44%
4947BlockMesh BlockMesh$0,00032611$14,710 BMH7.96%
4946Smart Trade Coin Smart Trade Coin$0,0014041$4 781,60 TRADE7.63%
4945Atomic Token Atomic Token$0,00$3 420,170 ATMC-0.16%
4944Xeonbit Token Xeonbit Token$0,01917378$2 750,280 XNS9.58%
4943Whole Network Whole Network$0,00032656$950 9940 NODE-16.55%
4942EMOGI Network EMOGI Network$0,00031506$1 704 0420 LOL-15.76%
4941Bitrue Coin Bitrue Coin$0,242034$9 964 1720 BTR10.00%
4940UZURAS UZURAS$0,00$00 UZZ2.06%
4939Meconcash Meconcash$0,071336$4 171 2580 MCH-1.36%
4938Gbrick Gbrick$0,01499241$68 1010 GBX77.48%
4937Elementeum Elementeum$0,0398205$8 050,850 ELET2.16%
4936Binemon Binemon$0,01214931$2 818 7400 BIN5.45%
4935BSHA3 BSHA3$0,02688212$8 009,030 BSHA313.50%
4800Adamant Adamant$14,53$150 8520 ADDY8.46%
4799RDCToken RDCToken$0,00088453$0,380 RDCT4.48%
4798Tachyon Protocol Tachyon Protocol$0,0316555$490 0460 IPX-4.50%
4797Toddler Inu Toddler Inu$0,00$10,280 TODINU-0.10%
4796Project WITH Project WITH$0,00846251$526 1590 WIKEN3.20%
4795Bio Passport Bio Passport$0,03330555$18 091 6040 BIOT2.10%
4794Regen Regen$4,30$505 9950 REGEN0.57%
4793Atomic Wallet Coin Atomic Wallet Coin$1,47$15 169,890 AWC4.53%
4792Strike Strike$48,84$778 9010 STRK1.47%
4791Apple Protocol Token Apple Protocol Token$0,04663485$33 5250 AAPL5.07%
4790Daisy Protocol Daisy Protocol$2,84$415 5710 DAISY-1.00%
4789SafeZone SafeZone$0,00022403$24,780 SAFEZONE3.66%
4788Firmachain Firmachain$0,139368$5 420 1130 FCT0.31%
4787KogeCoin KogeCoin$0,706589$603 0090 KOGECOIN0.07%
4786Baby Shiba Baby Shiba$0,00$274,860 BHIBA5.26%
4785The Employment Commons Work Token The Employment Commons Work Token$0,264259$7 896,360 WORK-3.01%
4784PolyQuity Dollar PolyQuity Dollar$0,998919$38 5200 PYD-0.69%
4783USD Open Dollar USD Open Dollar$1,01$12 390,750 USDO0.99%
4782RICHDUCK RICHDUCK$0,00$19 935,820 RICHDUCK0.00%
4781Pampther Pampther$0,00081717$122 5450 PAMPTHER32.37%
4780MEXC Token MEXC Token$0,00020032$191,440 MEXC0.00%
4779Black Label Black Label$0,00361024$40,690 KLB-10.68%
4778Musashi Finance Musashi Finance$0,00913539$5 052,420 MUS5.85%
4777DapperCoin DapperCoin$0,00396567$82 6950 DAPP-3.45%
4776Filecoin Standard Hashrate Token Filecoin Standard Hashrate Token$2,48$100 0120 FILST-1.34%
4775Valuto Valuto$0,03361218$10,820 VLU29.99%
4774OEC ETC OEC ETC$47,65$61 0920 ETCK2.67%
4773ZcCoin ZcCoin$0,00330639$48 0360 ZCC-4.27%
4772WaykiChain Governance Coin WaykiChain Governance Coin$0,00312644$1 035 2500 WGRT-17.56%
4771SafeDot SafeDot$0,00010382$59,480 SDOT-5.80%
4770Entone Entone$0,02170601$90,410 ENTONE0.00%
4769Serbian Cave Hermit Serbian Cave Hermit$0,00$00 SERBIANCAVEHERMIT0.00%
4768Mensa Protocol Mensa Protocol$0,373925$43 7520 MENSA-4.71%
4767FuzzBalls FuzzBalls$0,0072433$0,010 FUZZ0.00%