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Cryptocurrencies: 3683 / Markets: 31673
Market Cap: $ 363 728 961 564 / 24h Vol: $ 82 130 534 800 / BTC Dominance: 60.054317536485%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
5000Everyonetoken Everyonetoken$0,04180537$69 0180 EOTO0.00%
4999Dragonbit Dragonbit$0,00097263$169 1780 DRGB5.83%
4998Bithachi Bithachi$0,00$0,020 BITH0.00%
4997Fame Fame$0,00963636$2 934,480 FAME-0.31%
4996Campbell Soup Campbell Soup$48,17$00 CPB.CX0.00%
4995Ndau Ndau$5,82$84 9010 NDAU0.94%
4994Cryptocurrency Business Token Cryptocurrency Business Token$0,00$0,530 CBT0.00%
4993Freyrchain Freyrchain$0,00$0,080 FREC11.36%
4992Fast Access Blockchain Fast Access Blockchain$0,03445552$737,550 FAB-0.30%
4991Firmachain Firmachain$0,06756$1 417 2240 FCT2.30%
4990MNSCoin MNSCoin$0,0015448$00 MNS0.00%
4989Athero Athero$0,00$00 THO0.00%
4988Ducato Protocol Token Ducato Protocol Token$15,24$49 8610 DUCATO-2.94%
4987Hymnode Hymnode$0,00377333$57 6190 HNT-8.65%
4986CoinLim Token CoinLim Token$0,050021$7 823,230 CLT-3.54%
4985Intelligent BTC Set II Intelligent BTC Set II$91,14$55,250 INTBTC0.00%
4984QUEENBEE QUEENBEE$0,01504731$1 087 2220 QBZ2.96%
4983Maxonrow Maxonrow$0,02591059$3 205,080 MXW-9.45%
4982QCAD QCAD$0,75642$3 186,210 QCAD-0.48%
4981Cloud Moolah Cloud Moolah$0,00299449$3 821,80 XMOO-0.22%
4980UBU UBU$0,02561627$1 859 0920 UBU-0.84%
4979The Transfer Token The Transfer Token$0,968674$938 7070 TTT53.02%
4978Royal Online Vegas Royal Online Vegas$0,00023887$00 MEV0.00%$0,00034687$10 352,740 KIMCHI-51.36%
4976AOS AOS$0,060655$3 039 8060 AOS-0.59%
4975Project Pai Project Pai$0,00906522$213 4370 PAI-3.09%
4974AEUR AEUR$0,55786$00 AEUR0.00%
4973Tesra Tesra$0,01967841$403 8410 TSR0.66%
4972Hellenic Coin Hellenic Coin$0,354098$150 8910 HNC-1.22%
4971Elamachain Elamachain$0,02503413$5 239 4100 ELAMA-3.94%
4970Budbo Budbo$0,0225975$2,260 BUBO0.00%
4969AMO Coin AMO Coin$0,00071734$212 7740 AMO-1.07%
4968Connectome Connectome$1,15$2 603 9270 CNTM-4.60%
4967Libera Libera$0,246474$21,850 LIB0.00%
4966REV REV$0,02700214$288 6290 REV12.90%
4965Initial Point Unit X Initial Point Unit X$0,00400189$685,810 IPUX321.08%
4964Apexel Natural Nano Apexel Natural Nano$0,00104906$1,810 ANN0.00%
4963Arcee Coin Arcee Coin$0,00128569$5,360 ARCEE0.00%
4962Politicoin Politicoin$0,04118934$0,160 PBLC0.00%
4961CoinBene Future Token CoinBene Future Token$0,113365$1 435 9200 CFT0.27%
4960Monero-Classic Monero-Classic$0,290044$1 194,380 XMC5.42%
4959UZURAS UZURAS$0,00$0,050 UZZ0.00%
4958French ICO Coin French ICO Coin$0,147244$950 FICO0.00%
4957ETH Range Bound High Volatility Set ETH Range Bound High Volatility Set$164,90$164,90 ETHHIVOL0.00%
4956AirPod AirPod$0,00516365$2,110 APOD0.00%
4955TrueCAD TrueCAD$0,774918$10,150 TCAD0.17%
4954SEDO POW TOKEN SEDO POW TOKEN$0,076231$7,530 SEDO-19.08%
4953Lykke Lykke$0,0099866$15,650 LKK0.31%
4952Huobi Pool Token Huobi Pool Token$0,00398389$442 7200 HPT-1.64%
4951Vanguard Information Technology ETF Vanguard Information Technology ETF$255,87$00 VGT.CX0.00%
4950Voucher Coin Voucher Coin$0,00113454$11,510 VCO0.00%
4949XinFin XinFin$0,00471667$2 468 2720 XDC5.22%
4948MelonHeadSProtocol MelonHeadSProtocol$0,00$0,010 MHSP-75.29%
4947TL Coin TL Coin$0,0002$2,840 TLC-99.38%
4945BTCShort BTCShort$6 169,46$4 799,840 BTCSHORT0.00%
4944Qovar Coin Qovar Coin$0,131284$11,180 QC0.01%
4943Exenox Mobile Exenox Mobile$0,240354$0,240 EXNX0.00%
4942Binarium Binarium$0,00035102$9,380 BIN53.41%
4941Zayka Token Zayka Token$0,00$2,030 ZAY0.00%
4940CryptoWater CryptoWater$0,00099987$00 C2O0.00%
4939Vault Coin Vault Coin$0,00010626$7,510 VLTC0.00%
4938LYNC Network LYNC Network$0,388323$495,720 LYNC-1.24%
4937Newton Project Newton Project$0,00037218$1 140 3790 NEW1.03%
4936City Coin City Coin$0,04588452$93 7040 CITY6.29%
4935Glufco Glufco$0,984887$8,880 GLF-0.45%
4934Taler Taler$0,00164446$5,180 TLR-0.95%
4933Aquila Protocol Aquila Protocol$0,01124615$20 2190 AUX-0.17%
4932DEA DEA$40,77$259 8630 DEA-6.37%
4931XFOC XFOC$0,01211778$00 XFOC0.00%
4930Karatgold Coin Karatgold Coin$0,00245461$23 9770 KBC16.67%
4929IOOX System IOOX System$0,04168115$0,420 IOOX0.00%
4928All For One Business All For One Business$0,00088939$8,410 AFO-0.99%
4927FunKeyPay FunKeyPay$0,00$6 717,30 FNK-2.04%
4926Epluscoin Epluscoin$0,0035678$4,990 EPLUS0.00%
4925AhaToken AhaToken$0,00362641$438 2180 AHT0.43%
4924Color Platform Color Platform$0,0074239$445,60 CLR-2.55%
4923Internet Cafe Coin Internet Cafe Coin$0,01246931$0,010 ICC0.00%
4922HEIDI HEIDI$34,39$64 4550 HDI1.03%
4921Elevation Token Elevation Token$1,29$5,150 EVT0.06%
4920Strayacoin Strayacoin$0,00058806$2,240 NAH11.38%
4919LP-yCurve LP-yCurve$1,05$124 0590 YCURVE0.01%
4917INMAXCOIN INMAXCOIN$0,03225541$4 110,510 INXC-0.07%
4916Soro Soro$0,00$7,140 SORO-3.51%
4915VERA VERA$0,00$0,010 VERA15.52%
4914NuCypher NuCypher$0,160584$1 446 5840 NU-8.27%
4913ClearPoll ClearPoll$0,0020522$00 POLL0.00%
4912Genesis Ecology Genesis Ecology$0,00700662$76 1100 GE6.17%
4911Pesobit Pesobit$0,00285906$0,060 PSB0.00%
4910Zloadr Zloadr$0,003737$0,010 ZDR0.00%
4909AirWire AirWire$0,007149$128,920 WIRE-27.80%
4908Snowswap Snowswap$5,80$71 6440 SNOW-21.88%
4907Cryptorg Token Cryptorg Token$0,00480027$400 CTG4.33%
4906MoCo MoCo$0,00$5 548,520 MOCO-2.76%
4905SpritzCoin SpritzCoin$0,00$00 SPRTZ1.97%
4904Consentium Consentium$0,00951064$7 533,790 CSM6.70%
4903Leduro Leduro$0,00$00 LDR0.00%
4902LIPCHAIN LIPCHAIN$0,0001355$3,350 LIPS-1.03%
4901TON Crystal TON Crystal$2,26$2 700 7460 TON25.45%