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Cryptocurrencies: 5370 / Markets: 43262
Market Cap: $ 1 346 383 766 188 / 24h Vol: $ 109 187 249 577 / BTC Dominance: 45.328921694332%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
4973Bor Protocol Bor Protocol$0,00520797$1 574,910 BRP4.25%
4972Lady Luck Lady Luck$0,00$00 LUCK0.00%
4971TrueGBP TrueGBP$1,31$1 438,160 TGBP-0.27%
4970EA Token EA Token$0,00074663$161 3190 EA-10.02%
4969USDx Stablecoin USDx Stablecoin$0,910909$00 USDX0.00%
4968Bitbook Gambling Bitbook Gambling$0,03688702$1 406,440 BXK-1.91%
4967UCOS Token UCOS Token$0,00131195$6 560,190 UCOS-5.98%
4966Passport Finance Passport Finance$0,00395907$50 8770 PASS0.72%
4965Bitpower Bitpower$0,00693382$73 5330 BPP-0.14%
4964YFISCURITY YFISCURITY$0,903928$2 764,520 YFIS-2.41%
4963Simplicity Coin Simplicity Coin$0,00038019$254,730 SPL0.00%
4962Coinlancer Coinlancer$0,02613743$1 263,710 CL-0.90%
4961Ziticoin Ziticoin$0,00029176$9 857,760 ZITI-0.61%
4960xGambit xGambit$74,25$31 2060 XGMT-0.48%
4959MP4 MP4$0,00395129$486,380 MP4-8.17%
4958Vice Industry Token Vice Industry Token$0,00069032$0,030 VIT0.00%
4957Q DeFi Rating & Governance Token v2.0 Q DeFi Rating & Governance Token v2.0$2 526,65$441 7110 QDEFI-0.51%
4956STAMP STAMP$0,00$0,570 STAMP-3.56%
4955B2Bcoin B2Bcoin$0,00169386$1,520 B2B0.00%
4954Complete Humanity Complete Humanity$0,00127937$52,110 HUMANITY-7.67%
4953Astro Dragon Astro Dragon$0,00$00 DRAGN0.00%
4951YetiSwap YetiSwap$0,00374168$1,870 YTS0.00%
4950GameXCoin GameXCoin$0,00249411$4,690 GXC0.00%
4949Micro Bitcoin Finance Micro Bitcoin Finance$15,62$18 637,720 MBTC-8.73%
4948Great Ape Great Ape$0,00$8 083,780 GREATAPE-4.70%
4947FoundGame FoundGame$0,00069761$1 232,380 FGC-7.27%
4946TINVILLE TINVILLE$1,90$17 787,050 TINV-13.35%
4945UPONLY UPONLY$0,0135507$9,320 UPONLY0.21%
4944Q8E20 Token Q8E20 Token$42,09$4,630 Q8E20-1.63%
4943FUNDIN FUNDIN$0,00032387$19,550 FDN-4.43%
4942Global China Cash Global China Cash$0,158814$405 229 5900 CNC1.05%
4941BitcoinXGames BitcoinXGames$0,00$0,070 BTCX402.36%
4940Fetish Coin Fetish Coin$0,00$2,780 FETISH-16.93%
4939Laika Protocol Laika Protocol$0,00$7 700,310 LAIKA-7.27%
4938Ignite Ignite$0,00342179$18,270 IGN-7.32%
4937Dingocoin Dingocoin$0,00$1 164,260 DINGO2.29%
4936PrideToken PrideToken$0,00$1 544,580 PRDETKN-1.47%
4935Epic Epic$8,33$1 996,370 EPIC0.54%
4934QuickChart QuickChart$0,00054507$9 992,760 QUICKCHART-12.47%
4933Cryptonex Cryptonex$1,79$9,440 CNX0.00%
4932Wrapped Moon Cats Wrapped Moon Cats$3,13$11 619,670 MCAT205.11%
4931Icarus Finance Icarus Finance$0,189602$7 711,880 ICA0.19%
4930Crush Coin Crush Coin$0,318233$24 9410 CRUSH-1.45%
4929Liquidity Bot Token Liquidity Bot Token$0,533295$0,950 LIQ0.00%
4928Arbiswap Arbiswap$0,00375439$00 ASWAP0.00%
4927MoonlyFans MoonlyFans$0,00$1 831,470 MOONLYFANS-7.67%
4926QANX Token QANX Token$0,01894022$35 5160 QANX-0.45%
4925Hertz Network Hertz Network$0,00039147$00 HTZ0.00%
4924StrikeCoin StrikeCoin$0,00714119$79 3910 STRIKE-4.40%
4923Dipper Dipper$0,00$40,890 DIP-0.90%
4922SkyBorn SkyBorn$0,00$395,120 SKYBORN-3.47%
4921Sologenic Sologenic$1,25$897 6460 SOLO1.02%
4920Interop Interop$8,22$3 204,660 TROP-4.13% Dividend Token Dividend Token$0,086116$280,740 SXDT3.41%
4918IBEX IBEX$0,00$2 986,750 IBEX-1.17%
4917XBN Community Token XBN Community Token$0,00$531,60 XBC-0.99%
4916Panvala Pan Panvala Pan$0,079766$31,690 PAN2.76%
4914Moon Stop Moon Stop$0,00036208$63 9090 MNSTP-17.40%
4912BNBX Finance BNBX Finance$0,00$19 379,780 BNBX-8.43%
4911YFI Paprika YFI Paprika$6,55$34,660 YFIP0.00%
4910AurusGOLD AurusGOLD$57,30$4 602,80 AWG3.08%
4909Ghost Finance Ghost Finance$0,00707449$2 959,480 GHOST1.67%
4908Dotify Dotify$0,00$00 DFY0.00%
4907SafeZone SafeZone$0,00092119$8 687,490 SAFEZONE2.48%
4905CatzCoin CatzCoin$0,00$33 5900 CATZ-23.26%
4904Kala Kala$0,0004394$1 838,760 KALA4.67%
4903TheBridge TheBridge$0,072218$66 3870 TBG0.37%
4902SafeMusk SafeMusk$0,00$882,040 SAFEMUSK-4.87%
4901BitSong BitSong$0,128208$2 960,980 BTSG-3.39%
4900PolyBull Finance PolyBull Finance$0,0155244$1 759,020 BULL-10.37%
4899ChronoCoin ChronoCoin$0,0008387$0,030 CRN-4.04%
4898Lunar Highway Lunar Highway$0,00$285,430 LUNAR-13.18%
4897Token of Power Token of Power$71,21$1 284,730 TOP-6.42%
4896Kush Finance Kush Finance$0,466527$183,460 KSEED-7.37%
4895Balls Health Balls Health$0,00$1 439,860 BALLS-8.54%
4894GOLD GOLD$0,00$0,040 GOLD4.80%
4893DefiDrop DefiDrop$0,03022717$267,670 DROPS0.00%
4892Revelation coin Revelation coin$0,00011682$00 REV0.00%
4891B Non-Fungible Yearn B Non-Fungible Yearn$3,25$7 591,050 BNFY-0.61%
4890Heart Number Heart Number$0,00023767$91 7600 HTN-23.50%
4889Commons Earth Commons Earth$0,00047523$35 5780 COM-4.85%
4888Huobi Ethereum Huobi Ethereum$2 043,88$23 732 1160 HETH-1.83%
4887Dino Runner Fan Token Dino Runner Fan Token$0,00479254$287,030 DRFT-5.92%
4886NagaSwap NagaSwap$0,00485926$1,660 BNW12.57%
4885Revamped Music Revamped Music$0,00899885$148,960 MP3-12.51%
4884Malt Stablecoin Malt Stablecoin$0,189892$00 MALT0.00%
4883DeroGold DeroGold$0,00$0,780 DEGO-7.69%
4882SaveToken SaveToken$0,00010086$100,860 SAVE0.88%
4881InCoin InCoin$0,00$1,350 IN0.00%
4880Bitbot Protocol Bitbot Protocol$25,90$105,280 BBP-10.23%
4879Easticoin Easticoin$0,00987015$23 4230 ESTI-0.54%
4878Mifty Swap Mifty Swap$0,00$26 3150 MFY0.00%
4877Happiness Token Happiness Token$1,39$3 423,780 HPS-5.93%
4876DogDeFiCoin DogDeFiCoin$0,722428$2 912,460 DOGDEFI-2.00%
4875Karaganda Token Karaganda Token$0,003805$12,030 KRG-4.88%
4874Rizen Coin Rizen Coin$0,361398$290,960 RZN4.76%