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Cryptocurrencies: 3907 / Markets: 33911
Market Cap: $ 552 348 248 678 / 24h Vol: $ 148 522 123 322 / BTC Dominance: 62.9494478309%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
4320BPOP BPOP$0,00460183$2 846,380 BPOP-0.63%
4319FairyLand FairyLand$0,00011827$1 297,440 FLDT3.70%
4318Permission Coin Permission Coin$0,00033544$63 0760 ASK-17.37%
4317Silver Fabric Coin Silver Fabric Coin$0,00200105$18,760 SFC-58.14%
4316Veron Coin Veron Coin$0,00$942,160 VREX0.00%
4315BEE Coin BEE Coin$0,01225425$6 476,140 BEE0.06%
4314DEXTER DEXTER$0,161228$28,210 DXR0.00%
4313Universal Euro Universal Euro$1,15$1 344,670 UPEUR20.56%
4312GUSS.ONE GUSS.ONE$0,00032187$4 308,630 GUSS-6.65%
4311ESCX Token ESCX Token$0,00038482$31,280 ESCX0.00%
4310Zest Token Zest Token$0,00204055$00 ZEST0.00%
4309ParkinGo ParkinGo$0,03664339$1,170 GOT3.35%
4308HealthChainUS HealthChainUS$0,00342401$25 6450 HCUT2.02%
4307SCT Token SCT Token$0,00933467$13 758,170 SCT-6.11%
4306ExtStock Token ExtStock Token$0,050912$0,510 XT0.00%
43053X Long Chainlink Token 3X Long Chainlink Token$888,79$729 5570 LINKBULL-25.54%
4304RING X PLATFORM RING X PLATFORM$0,05786$411 0490 RINGX-4.67%
4303Koumei Koumei$0,00030884$11 525,040 KMC24.73%
4302Wellness Token Economy Wellness Token Economy$0,00486646$4 000,880 WELL3.97%
43013X Long Huobi Token Token 3X Long Huobi Token Token$130,40$101,320 HTBULL0.23%
4300DKK Token DKK Token$0,153198$265 376 5400 DKKT0.42%
4299Ice Rock Mining Ice Rock Mining$0,02057669$37 9550 ROCK2-7.50%
4298Vanywhere Vanywhere$0,00058397$233,520 VANY-24.62%$0,108297$153,970 TWI34.59%
4296Jubi Token Jubi Token$0,090849$1 959 5670 JT-1.57%
42953X Long XRP Token 3X Long XRP Token$43,86$5 753 8760 XRPBULL-32.59%
4294Vallix Vallix$0,00050189$31 8690 VLX0.27%
4293UniversalEnergyChain UniversalEnergyChain$1,03$4 105 7480 UENC-4.75%
4292ArtByte ArtByte$0,00041116$0,060 ABY0.00%
4291Voucher Coin Voucher Coin$0,00094027$0,560 VCO0.00%
4290Xaviera Tech Xaviera Tech$0,00619021$1,730 XTS0.00%
4289KVI KVI$0,00037612$24 9810 KVI-0.27%
428899Masternodes 99Masternodes$0,00208686$0,590 NMN-2.39%
4287Taona Coin Taona Coin$0,00$00 TNA0.00%
4286IOTEdge Network IOTEdge Network$0,00138314$4 956,220 IOTE0.93%
4285Blucon Blucon$0,00189907$2 345,020 BEP2.68%
4284Expo Token Expo Token$0,00$0,130 EXPO-3.65%
4283Spare Part Token Spare Part Token$0,00$00 SPT0.00%
4282CC CC$0,00095744$179,450 CC0.00%
4281ShipChain ShipChain$0,00496417$3 453,80 SHIP-21.73%
4280RealToken16200 Fullerton Avenue Detroit MI RealToken16200 Fullerton Avenue Detroit MI$167,48$334,970 REALTOKEN-16200-FULLERTON-AVE-DETROIT-MI0.00%
4279Klaro Klaro$0,00057397$0,250 KLARO0.00%
4278Cirquity Cirquity$0,00$1,10 CIRQ0.00%
4277Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash ABC$16,31$17 380 3880 BCHA1.11%
4276Grafsound Grafsound$0,552297$141 6530 GSMT-4.10%
4275Rock N Rain Coin Rock N Rain Coin$0,00$44,830 RNRC-42.97%
4274Dacsee Dacsee$0,00038156$55,820 DACS0.00%
4273SDCOIN SDCOIN$0,02686054$9,470 SDC0.00%
4272Incent Incent$0,02371006$2 283,870 INCNT-21.02%
4271NSS Coin NSS Coin$0,00481135$230 1410 NSS0.35%
4270Tchain Tchain$0,00052623$1 653,360 TCH148.18%
4269ORS Group ORS Group$0,00525488$12,730 ORS0.55%
4268ITEN ITEN$0,0019035$135,630 ITEN0.29%
4267European Coin Alliance European Coin Alliance$0,01321005$347,050 ECA0.00%
4266ETF Dao ETF Dao$0,0081167$4 297,170 TFD2.29%
4265ASIMI ASIMI$0,0461886$1,80 ASIMI0.00%
4264Anyswap Anyswap$0,409023$1 756 6070 ANY-7.87%
4263Trybe Trybe$0,00$0,060 TRYBE0.00%
4262Ruletka Ruletka$0,079289$532,780 RTK-8.49%
4261AgriNovusCoin AgriNovusCoin$0,00$0,040 AGRI0.00%
4260YTHO Online YTHO Online$7,30$1 042,330 YTHO-0.86%
4259Universal Liquidity Union Universal Liquidity Union$1,47$54 6680 ULU-2.95%
4258Help The Homeless Coin Help The Homeless Coin$0,00$334,40 HTH-34.20%
4257Electronero Pulse Electronero Pulse$0,00024546$303,970 ETNXP-11.96%
4256Minds Minds$0,00$00 MINDS0.00%
4255Dandy Dego Dandy Dego$111,57$468,440 DANDY-6.38%
4254Cipher Core Token Cipher Core Token$37,64$9 344,790 CIPHC0.00%
4253Bitcoin True Bitcoin True$0,00018135$0,010 BTCT-3.50%
4252Davecoin Davecoin$0,00469658$4,70 DDTG0.00%
4251snglsDAO Governance Token snglsDAO Governance Token$0,00021933$16 204,690 SGT61.78%
4250Ethereumx·NET Ethereumx·NET$0,057751$71,690 ETX0.00%
4249NestEgg Coin NestEgg Coin$0,00574855$587,250 EGG-4.84%
4248BlockBase BlockBase$0,00912271$84,980 BBT-4.69%
4247Bitvote Bitvote$0,369784$0,060 BTV-2.51%
4246pxUSD Synthetic USD Expiring 1 November 2020 pxUSD Synthetic USD Expiring 1 November 2020$1,45$53,790 PXUSD-OCT20200.00%$0,00$44,270 STT0.00%
4244P2P Global Network P2P Global Network$0,00$00 P2PX0.00%
4243FarmaTrust FarmaTrust$0,00994796$46,980 FTT0.00%
4242Ohmcoin Ohmcoin$0,03503256$44,10 OHMC7.55%
4241Tokes Tokes$0,00167845$62 1360 TKS2.65%
4240SovranoCoin SovranoCoin$0,393997$230,850 SVR-7.33%
4239AfterShock AfterShock$0,00650078$18,130 SHOCK0.00%
4238ZuCoinChain ZuCoinChain$0,00$00 ZCC0.00%
4237BITSCOIN BITSCOIN$0,00019345$00 BTCX2.12%
4236Seed Venture Seed Venture$0,02059006$390,180 SEED6.11%
4235Ixinium Ixinium$0,107801$310,060 XXA-17.92%
4234Huptex Huptex$0,00$00 HTX0.00%
4233EtherSportz EtherSportz$0,069652$1 339,430 ESZ0.00%
42323X Long Litecoin Token 3X Long Litecoin Token$4,14$422 8750 LTCBULL-32.28%
4231Crex Token Crex Token$2,98$906,660 CREX-1.43%
4230ZOS ZOS$0,00114359$50 1060 ZOS-0.95%
4229B ONE PAYMENT B ONE PAYMENT$0,0027131$1,140 B1P-7.18%
4228Decimated Decimated$0,00390645$00 DIO0.00%
4227Token Pocket Token Pocket$0,00217727$14 021,180 TPT-3.07%
4226Caspian Caspian$0,00528234$1 360,180 CSP0.16%
4225Kryptoro Kryptoro$0,01335296$22,920 KTO-37.33%
4224Unimonitor Unimonitor$0,01993487$289,260 UNT-0.28%
4223Bastonet Bastonet$0,00$00 BSN0.00%
4222uUSDrBTC Synthetic Token Expiring 1 October 2020 uUSDrBTC Synthetic Token Expiring 1 October 2020$1,78$606,970 UUSDRBTC-OCT0.00%
4221TKN Token TKN Token$0,02506442$1 236,860 TKNT95.94%