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Cryptocurrencies: 3907 / Markets: 33911
Market Cap: $ 552 348 248 678 / 24h Vol: $ 148 522 123 322 / BTC Dominance: 62.9494478309%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
4540THECASH THECASH$0,02777628$1 691,30 TCH1.11%
4539Asian-African Capital Chain Asian-African Capital Chain$0,097162$15 464,090 ACC1.23%
4538MicroBloodScience MicroBloodScience$0,01679217$1,880 MBS-5.32%
4537BIKI BIKI$0,03144632$688 5850 BIKI-4.73%
4536Yefam.Finance Yefam.Finance$0,159766$1940 FAM307.52%
4535XSGD XSGD$0,74362$2 642,490 XSGD-2.21%
4534CPT CPT$0,090908$104,410 CPT-40.00%
4533Kore Kore$(not set)$00 KORE0.00%
4532GooCoin GooCoin$0,00047214$1 859,330 GOOC3.74%
4531MktCoin MktCoin$0,00$331,020 MLM-2.77%
4530Upper Pound Upper Pound$1,28$78 9090 GBPU-6.21%
4529VideoGamesToken VideoGamesToken$0,00$00 VGTN0.00%
4528DAX416 DAX416$0,00043396$1,250 DX160.00%
45271X Short Cosmos Token 1X Short Cosmos Token$1 462,00$10,090 ATOMHEDGE0.00%
4526MONEY CASH MINER MONEY CASH MINER$0,00035348$0,730 MCM0.00%
45250.5X Long Tezos Token 0.5X Long Tezos Token$6 819,88$0,410 XTZHALF0.00%
45243X Long Privacy Index Token 3X Long Privacy Index Token$449,06$4 224,140 PRIVBULL-28.76%
4523Bonorum Bonorum$29,90$2,990 BONO0.00%
4522TRONFamily TRONFamily$0,088851$246,830 FAT-5.16%
4520Popcorn Token Popcorn Token$0,02744484$133,770 CORN-6.95%
45191X Short Cardano Token 1X Short Cardano Token$404,33$531,210 ADAHEDGE0.00%
4518Goldnero Goldnero$0,103264$37 0920 GLDX-2.39%
4517OILage OILage$0,01568755$75,030 OIL-29.68%
4516Insurance Block Cloud Insurance Block Cloud$0,00417612$92 3000 IBS-1.10%
4515Cryptoflow Cryptoflow$0,00$00 CFL0.00%
4514Shrimp Finance Shrimp Finance$0,121899$00 SHRIMP0.00%
45131X Short Bitcoin Token 1X Short Bitcoin Token$435,30$4 902,760 HEDGE5.85%
4512Props Token Props Token$0,03467111$5 490,730 PROPS-4.44%
4511Foxswap Foxswap$0,00104153$65 7620 FOX0.00%
4510EXNCE EXNCE$0,100934$0,190 XNC-3.52%
4509Tcbcoin Tcbcoin$5,30$209 2990 TCFX-13.38%
4508Renrenbit Renrenbit$0,783145$1 281 6870 RRB0.71%
4507RAIN Network RAIN Network$0,00$44,210 RAIN0.00%
4506FuturoCoin FuturoCoin$0,00320359$44,580 FTO51.26%
4505JoyTube Token JoyTube Token$0,00015397$00 JTT0.00%
4504QT QT$0,057121$8 580,640 QT-5.24%
4503Hustle Token Hustle Token$0,00019394$83,680 HUSL-0.08%
45023X Long Balancer Token 3X Long Balancer Token$49,38$4 199,690 BALBULL-25.92%
4501Max Property Group Max Property Group$0,00$00 MPG0.00%
4500Dai If Trump Wins The 2020 Election Dai If Trump Wins The 2020 Election$0,384066$3 840,660 YESTRUMP0.00%
4499FlashSwap FlashSwap$0,01074386$118,230 FSP-2.44%
4498Umbrella Coin Umbrella Coin$0,00032126$0,010 UMC0.00%
4497IdleDAI (Risk Adjusted) IdleDAI (Risk Adjusted)$1,02$00 IDLEDAISAFE0.01%
4496ETB ETB$0,9752$3 458,450 ETB0.00%
44950.5X Long Cardano Token 0.5X Long Cardano Token$12 418,86$54,150 ADAHALF0.00%
4494VAYLA VAYLA$0,00$00 VYA0.00%
4493EthereumSC EthereumSC$0,00788045$4,750 ETHSC-11.43%
4492Pureland Project Pureland Project$0,00239258$1 179 4130 PLD0.82%
4491ExChain Token ExChain Token$0,00$233,030 EXT26.79%
4490Heavens Gate Heavens Gate$222,77$7 503,080 HATE-3.58%
4489TronClassic TronClassic$0,00$00 TRXC0.89%
4488Simplicity Coin Simplicity Coin$0,00$00 SPL0.00%
4487KAWANGGAWA KAWANGGAWA$0,00152613$7,630 KGW0.00%
4486Super Game Union Super Game Union$0,00299869$0,010 SGU0.00%
4485NEEO Token NEEO Token$0,01321442$1 338,810 NEEO0.76%
4484USGold USGold$2 365,23$16,970 USG0.00%
4483Vice Industry Token Vice Industry Token$0,0015929$15,110 VIT0.00%
4482GLOBAL HASH POWER GLOBAL HASH POWER$0,0442168$102 1890 GHP-3.33%
44813X Long Exchange Token Index Token 3X Long Exchange Token Index Token$3 550,10$3 689,960 EXCHBULL-11.16%
4480TCS Token TCS Token$2,01$00 TCS0.00%
4479Arcee Coin Arcee Coin$0,00134481$11,120 ARCEE0.00%
4478Shiba Inu Shiba Inu$0,00$38,660 SHIB0.00%
4477BitcoinBOSS BitcoinBOSS$0,00113104$5,880 BOSS0.00%
4476Codemy Codemy$0,00076784$1 547,660 COD-30.48%
4475UP Token UP Token$0,00$0,870 UP18.70%
4474Overseas Direct Certification Overseas Direct Certification$0,00$0,030 ODC0.13%
44733X Long Altcoin Index Token 3X Long Altcoin Index Token$63,03$71 9670 ALTBULL-21.37%
4472Historia Historia$0,00207066$324,240 HTA7.00%
4471EtherDiamond EtherDiamond$0,00343282$0,390 ETD0.00%
4470Tatcoin Tatcoin$0,03448108$93,380 TAT-0.66%
4469WeiDai WeiDai$0,00736916$0,510 WEIDAI0.00%
4468HGH Token HGH Token$0,00$1,950 HGH0.00%
4467Kcash Kcash$0,0274667$20 381 8260 KCASH-33.62%
44663X Short Dogecoin Token 3X Short Dogecoin Token$42,23$208,830 DOGEBEAR0.00%
4465YUNo Finance YUNo Finance$0,00010537$40,080 YUNO-2.92%
4464SJWCoin SJWCoin$0,00$0,270 SJW-3.27%
4463GOLDQR COIN GOLDQR COIN$0,00011374$3 791,580 GQC0.00%
4462To The Moon To The Moon$0,04930871$2 595 7040 TTM-0.83%
4461Tamy Token Tamy Token$0,071078$261 5540 TMT-4.59%
4460ETH AI Limit Loss ETH AI Limit Loss$196,32$5 379,180 ELL-5.61%
4459THENODE THENODE$0,01697091$7,20 THE0.00%
4458SKIN RICH SKIN RICH$0,00700754$4,10 SKIN0.00%
4457BeNative BeNative$0,00$10,30 BNV-3.08%
4456SnowBlossom SnowBlossom$0,857131$219 1210 SNOW92.48%
4455Bitgem Bitgem$0,38419$3,670 XBTG0.00%
44543X Short PAX Gold Token 3X Short PAX Gold Token$5 039,80$5,750 PAXGBEAR0.00%
4453Destiny Success Destiny Success$0,063235$6 417,760 DXTS-72.72%
4452ATM Cash Gold ATM Cash Gold$0,00010876$1,60 ATMCASH0.00%
4451PBS Chain PBS Chain$0,25768$86,270 PBS0.00%
4450BitCanna BitCanna$0,03103685$4 860,980 BCNA-4.83%
4449VINX COIN VINX COIN$4,45$4 594,610 VXC-0.56%
4448DTOP Token DTOP Token$0,00282308$38 2710 DTOP-3.92%
4447BitcoinMono BitcoinMono$0,00$0,950 BTCMZ7.45%
44464A Coin 4A Coin$0,00017711$52,670 4AC0.00%
4445Innovation Blockchain Payment Innovation Blockchain Payment$0,065931$443 3530 IBP-1.05%
4444CoinLim Token CoinLim Token$0,061836$5 080,710 CLT0.00%
4443BitEthereum BitEthereum$0,00638451$6,480 BITE-0.11%
4442SPIDER ECOLOGY SPIDER ECOLOGY$0,00544245$142 2010 ESPI1.99%
4441United Community Coin United Community Coin$0,00$00 UCC0.00%
4440YFIA YFIA$4,21$4 389 1710 YFIA79.77%