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Cryptocurrencies: 3840 / Markets: 33455
Market Cap: $ 560 838 968 320 / 24h Vol: $ 222 808 974 212 / BTC Dominance: 62.146864251245%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
4795OILage OILage$0,02212828$157,590 OIL0.17%
4794Insurance Block Cloud Insurance Block Cloud$0,00425928$94 8670 IBS2.69%
47931X Short Cardano Token 1X Short Cardano Token$685,25$262,720 ADAHEDGE0.00%
47921X Short Swipe Token 1X Short Swipe Token$1 709,83$10,090 SXPHEDGE0.00%
4791Ethereum Cloud Ethereum Cloud$0,00$1,030 ETY0.00%
4790NTerprise NTerprise$0,00144413$0,720 NTER0.00%
4789Wrapped BNB Wrapped BNB$31,25$28 068 2240 WBNB-9.36%
47880.5X Long Bitcoin SV Token 0.5X Long Bitcoin SV Token$5 580,55$10,210 BSVHALF0.00%
4787Hash Pot Hash Pot$0,00$128,950 HPOT-2.44%
4786Yoo Ecology Yoo Ecology$0,00414571$387 9690 YOO0.90%
4785Dreamscape Dreamscape$7,82$8 460,330 DSC-4.99%
47843X Long Compound Token Token 3X Long Compound Token Token$569,57$61 8850 COMPBULL-20.34%
47831X Short Chainlink Token 1X Short Chainlink Token$171,28$85,640 LINKHEDGE0.00%
4782Thorium Thorium$0,00621006$27,20 TORM0.00%
4781BitpakcoinToken BitpakcoinToken$0,00$0,890 BPAKC-80.22%
4780QMCoin QMCoin$0,00505124$8,450 QMC1.50%
47793X Long Balancer Token 3X Long Balancer Token$78,14$14 227,780 BALBULL-29.76%
4778Max Property Group Max Property Group$0,00$00 MPG0.00%
4777Dai If Trump Wins The 2020 Election Dai If Trump Wins The 2020 Election$0,384066$3 840,660 YESTRUMP0.00%
4776ShroudX ShroudX$0,00$0,070 SHROUD0.00%
47750.5X Long Cardano Token 0.5X Long Cardano Token$12 418,86$54,150 ADAHALF0.00%
4774Balance Accounted Receipt Balance Accounted Receipt$0,01466693$1,110 BAR0.00%
4773Pureland Project Pureland Project$0,00242342$517 0240 PLD2.16%
4772Rabbit Rabbit$0,00108056$00 RABBIT-1.46%
4771EthereumSC EthereumSC$0,02778279$5,930 ETHSC-0.40%
4770Reload Reload$0,00$8,620 RLD-5.64%
4769StockChain StockChain$0,00$0,410 SCC1.86%
4768ScopeCoin ScopeCoin$0,00016697$6,60 XSCP0.00%
4767GLOBAL HASH POWER GLOBAL HASH POWER$0,04944359$118 2200 GHP-1.42%
4766EVA Coin EVA Coin$0,00351602$49 5160 EVA4.23%
4765Universe Coin Universe Coin$0,00037469$56 3800 UNIS-1.94%
47641X Short Ethereum Classic Token 1X Short Ethereum Classic Token$1 772,68$9,40 ETCHEDGE0.00%
4763Kingdom Game 4.0 Kingdom Game 4.0$0,089051$1 202 3900 KDG1.28%
4762MGC Token MGC Token$0,0015045$3 855,910 MGC-11.39%
4761Golden Ratio Coin Golden Ratio Coin$5,50$11 723,230 GOLDR0.18%
4760TechShares TechShares$0,00487792$488,250 THS-1.88%
4759Payou Finance Payou Finance$0,370113$109,560 PAYOU0.00%
47583X Long Altcoin Index Token 3X Long Altcoin Index Token$91,22$196 3610 ALTBULL-31.17%
4757Treelion Treelion$0,02875289$645,730 TRN2.69%
4756HGH Token HGH Token$0,00$0,760 HGH0.00%
4755RCCC RCCC$0,00771212$114 0330 RCCC-1.47%
4754The Chosen One The Chosen One$0,00$313,370 TCOC0.00%
4753Mavro Mavro$1,29$4,590 MVR0.00%
4752Palace Palace$0,00$41,980 PAA0.00%
4751Rutheneum Rutheneum$0,00$00 RTH0.00%
4750TronX coin TronX coin$0,00629028$23,390 TRONX0.00%
4749Fuel Injection Network Fuel Injection Network$0,00$15,90 FIN0.00%
4748ETH AI Limit Loss ETH AI Limit Loss$196,32$1 342,060 ELL-5.02%
4747IzerBlack IzerBlack$0,00010495$5,150 IZB0.00%
4746To The Moon To The Moon$0,04770179$11 624 4020 TTM-0.50%
4745SnowBlossom SnowBlossom$0,396609$1 032,880 SNOW-2.09%
4744THENODE THENODE$0,01697091$7,20 THE0.00%
4743BeNative BeNative$0,00$36,420 BNV-8.40%
47427ELEVEN 7ELEVEN$0,00$29,350 7E4.94%
47413X Long Theta Network Token 3X Long Theta Network Token$1 748,00$23 3340 THETABULL-0.65%
47403X Short PAX Gold Token 3X Short PAX Gold Token$5 039,80$5,750 PAXGBEAR0.00%
4739ATM Cash Gold ATM Cash Gold$0,00010876$1,60 ATMCASH0.00%
47383X Long TRX Token 3X Long TRX Token$4,36$514 2390 TRXBULL-33.04%
4737ChainZ Arena ChainZ Arena$0,073237$678,710 SOUL-10.84%
4736Bowl A Coin Bowl A Coin$0,02449956$17,110 BAC0.00%
4735Digital Wealth Node Digital Wealth Node$0,00079987$28,850 DWN0.00%
4734DoDreamChain DoDreamChain$0,01727806$50 6400 DRM-2.49%
4733Humanscape Humanscape$0,00359541$10 226,450 HUM1.16%
4732CoinLim Token CoinLim Token$0,061836$5 080,710 CLT0.00%
4731Swisscoin-Classic Swisscoin-Classic$0,00$218,820 SICC-0.26%
4730BitEthereum BitEthereum$0,0489938$0,030 BITE-11.19%
4729SPIDER ECOLOGY SPIDER ECOLOGY$0,00575932$159 9260 ESPI-1.26%
4728Ston Ston$0,089686$997,580 STON13.67%
4727Kper Network Kper Network$0,00$00 KPER0.00%
4726Dark.Build Dark.Build$11,43$235 8080 DARK7.70%
4725Binance KRW Binance KRW$0,00089948$2 044 7750 BKRW-1.35%
47241irstGold 1irstGold$61,04$47 7960 1GOLD3.56%
4723Yield Stake Finance Yield Stake Finance$6,25$17 137,780 YI12-11.92%
4722BitcoinGenX BitcoinGenX$0,00015294$0,010 BGX0.00%
4721ETH RSI 60/40 Yield Set II ETH RSI 60/40 Yield Set II$364,18$6 534,320 ETHRSIAPY-6.45%
4720ValueChain ValueChain$0,00181271$6 441,010 VLC0.00%
4719Aave SNX Aave SNX$4,75$117 4700 ASNX-9.65%
4718BOA BOA$984,58$1 9850 BOA16.24%
4717ErcauX ErcauX$0,032386$106,770 RAUX0.61%
4716Kryptokrona Kryptokrona$0,00262644$3 575,530 XKR5.01%
4715Newtonium Newtonium$0,02151372$4,470 NEWTON0.00%
4714Bidao Bidao$0,01064202$810 5200 BID3.98%$26,90$29 3470 YFI3-14.88%
4712Stark Chain Stark Chain$1 448,59$289,720 STARK0.00%
4711Clover Clover$2,40$2 865,280 CLV-15.67%
4710DDKoin DDKoin$1,80$56 4460 DDK-0.24%
4709Liquid Bank Liquid Bank$0,188696$183 5230 LIQ-1.30%
4708Ethereum eRush Ethereum eRush$0,01580864$999,540 EER-13.12%
4707SYBC Coin SYBC Coin$0,00078984$22,440 SYBC5.13%
4706YieldX YieldX$0,03914758$5 758,790 YIELDX-9.34%
4705CorionX CorionX$0,00402911$73 3240 CORX-4.75%
4704Bitpanda Ecosystem Token Bitpanda Ecosystem Token$0,116675$25 5940 BEST3.89%
4703YFI Paprika YFI Paprika$2,46$24,640 YFIP0.62%
4702Caixa Pay Caixa Pay$0,00092036$10,850 CXP0.00%
4701Scala Scala$0,00$92,830 XLA-9.43%
4700Yearn Secure Yearn Secure$0,517481$4 180,710 YSEC-5.66%
4699FoundryDAO Logistics FoundryDAO Logistics$0,00358643$1 021,870 FRY-3.97%
4698Opalcoin Opalcoin$0,0235724$2 164,280 AUOP-29.23%
4697Yearn Finance Bit2 Yearn Finance Bit2$20,52$49 5590 YFB23.57%
4696Aave BAT Aave BAT$0,257048$2 653,690 ABAT-3.45%