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Cryptocurrencies: 3780 / Markets: 31738
Market Cap: $ 390 768 513 546 / 24h Vol: $ 101 536 908 668 / BTC Dominance: 63.290218727463%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
4147Crypto Accept Crypto Accept$0,00015296$28,970 ACPT3.88%
4146AceWins AceWins$0,00461814$00 ACW0.00%
4145Proxeus Proxeus$0,00113427$00 XES0.00%
4144Investcoin Investcoin$0,00081418$2,910 INVC0.35%
4143Kuai Token Kuai Token$0,177872$9 148 3320 KT-4.54%
4142DEONEX Token DEONEX Token$5,37$6 573,010 DON-3.49%
4141InterCrone InterCrone$0,00025974$0,020 ICR0.00%
4140NFT Protocol NFT Protocol$0,062722$150 3060 NFT-12.83%
4139Jc Penney Jc Penney$0,19355$38 8380 JCP0.00%
4138Soft Yearn Soft Yearn$1,08$380,510 SYFI-2.16%
4137Scribe Scribe$0,00060055$4,470 SCRIBE-7.82%
4136B2Bcoin B2Bcoin$0,00228733$2,690 B2B70.41%
4135YYFI.Protocol YYFI.Protocol$49,07$112 6640 YYFI-23.38%
4134Stobox Token Stobox Token$0,100613$180 4850 STBU-23.09%
4133Goat Cash Goat Cash$0,00065202$00 GOAT0.00%
4132Moozicore Moozicore$0,00035829$379 4720 MZG23.69%
4131Bitor Bitor$0,00$0,050 BTR88.69%
4130Triffic Triffic$0,01613029$53 8290 GPS-2.22%
4129Kala Kala$0,00081128$7 282,430 KALA-1.41%
4128Acryl Acryl$0,00129508$2,10 ACRYL0.00%
4127CITEX Token CITEX Token$0,00863603$61 0160 CTT0.00%
4126Predator Coin Predator Coin$0,0002658$7,070 PRD100.38%
4125Aryacoin Aryacoin$0,03436065$221 6670 AYA-7.41%
4124ECC ECC$0,00013353$65,210 ECC-0.85%
4123Baer Chain Baer Chain$0,351159$170 3730 BRC-0.40%
4122DraftCoin DraftCoin$0,00466829$289,480 DFT0.00%
4121TravelNote TravelNote$0,00413215$4 041,990 TVNT-0.84%
4120Defis Defis$0,00026568$61,30 XGM-1.02%
4119RRSpace RRSpace$0,00$00 RRC0.00%
4118Onyxpay Onyxpay$0,0013345$72,370 ONYX3315.50%
4117LunesXAG LunesXAG$1,31$100,720 LXAG0.00%
4116LightPayCoin LightPayCoin$0,00150532$2,040 LPC0.00%
4115Medalte Medalte$0,00$00 MDTL0.00%
4114BananoDOS BananoDOS$118,52$47 5410 YBAN-23.10%
4113Encocoinplus Encocoinplus$0,03884344$34,170 EPG-1.37%
4112Giftedhands Giftedhands$0,00678842$6 422,80 GHD-9.67%
4111GivingToServices GivingToServices$0,00$0,340 SVCS0.00%
4110EnterCoin EnterCoin$0,00463762$25,530 ENTRC0.00%
4109Xaviera Tech Xaviera Tech$0,00812662$6,420 XTS0.00%
4108RCCC RCCC$0,00825325$94 5510 RCCC1.51%
4107Zulu Republic Token Zulu Republic Token$0,00041895$0,420 ZTX0.00%
4106BuckHath Coin BuckHath Coin$0,03061444$619,540 BHIG15.10%
4105Neutrino USD Neutrino USD$0,997997$451 5710 USDN-0.25%
4104PonziCoin PonziCoin$0,00082435$0,040 PONZI78.29%
4103Blockchain Source Token Blockchain Source Token$0,00$27,30 BSTK0.00%
4102Eristica token Eristica token$0,00067697$305,820 ERT0.92%
4101TronEuropeRewardCoin TronEuropeRewardCoin$0,02189705$4 021,040 TERC-1.85%
4100UNIFI DeFi UNIFI DeFi$0,02570204$43 3610 UNIFI-15.91%
4099CLP token CLP token$0,00011725$3,510 CLPC0.00%
4098RoBet Coin RoBet Coin$0,063016$6,870 ROBET0.27%
4097FlashSwap FlashSwap$0,01118069$2 242,630 FSP-10.68%
4096BitEthereum BitEthereum$0,051381$0,040 BITE0.00%
4095Blacknet Blacknet$0,00163101$1 309 8600 BLN0.32%
4094CurrentCoin CurrentCoin$0,00120419$6 458,420 CUR-89.63%
4093CoinDeal Token CoinDeal Token$0,02372313$3 057,470 CDL-5.14%
4092ASTA ASTA$0,053242$2 126 9090 ASTA-0.15%
4089MessengerBank MessengerBank$0,00121943$2,910 MBIT-8.04%
4086BCAT BCAT$0,00585949$25 9880 BCAT9.39%
4083TidePay TidePay$2,16$4 216 5750 XTP0.00%
4081Holiday Chain Holiday Chain$0,486042$126 5650 HCC8.56%
4071Beauty Chain Beauty Chain$0,00895282$5 346,20 BEC0.00%
4070Pokerain Pokerain$0,00022437$202,870 MMDA-22.09%
4069Token Planets Token Planets$0,00$0,70 TKC-1.75%
40643X Short Cardano Token 3X Short Cardano Token$0,710623$208 0290 ADABEAR19.95%
40633X Short Shitcoin Index Token 3X Short Shitcoin Index Token$12,50$1 218,090 BEARSHIT7.87%
4047ATM Cash Gold ATM Cash Gold$0,00010876$1,60 ATMCASH0.00%
4044Moonbase Moonbase$0,234542$10 033,730 MBBASED7.52%
4043Xt3ch Xt3ch$0,00022683$00 XT30.00%
4037Geocoin Geocoin$0,173011$1 685,210 GEO-11.25%
4036Anyswap Anyswap$0,395023$2 143 5810 ANY-4.35%
4034Pesobit Pesobit$0,0060563$0,290 PSB-2.95%$0,00040399$31 5370 KIMCHI-11.94%
4032Genesis Ecology Genesis Ecology$0,00729937$65 8630 GE14.15%
4014The Chosen One The Chosen One$0,00$313,370 TCOC0.00%
4013Tapcoin Tapcoin$0,00018127$63,570 TTT0.24%
4007Trading Pool Coin Trading Pool Coin$0,307147$29,280 TPC2.98%
4002CARAT CARAT$0,837495$8 126,980 CARAT-3.31%
4001DKK Token DKK Token$0,14761$205 183 5440 DKKT0.11%
4000Athero Athero$0,00$00 THO0.00%
3999WORLDPET WORLDPET$0,00$0,010 WPT-38.38%
3998Finswap Finswap$0,092016$196 9640 FNSP-5.76%
3995ETH1D3S ETH1D3S$0,146002$258 8730 ETH1D3S0.00%
3994Pollux Coin Pollux Coin$0,466787$5 434,330 POX-1.06%
3993TRONbetLive TRONbetLive$0,03880082$31 2470 LIVE-2.77%
3992ASOBI COIN ASOBI COIN$0,00060996$1,070 ABX0.00%
3991Hymnode Hymnode$0,00491108$36 3030 HNT-1.35%
3990CoinLim Token CoinLim Token$0,04647034$6 107,580 CLT-2.09%
3989Molecular Future Molecular Future$0,179079$2 513 7460 MOF-4.94%
3988King Maker Coin King Maker Coin$0,0178737$0,890 KMC-1.17%
3987BlockNoteX BlockNoteX$0,613847$74 4800 BNOX-0.17%
3986QUEENBEE QUEENBEE$0,00922525$1 156 7220 QBZ-9.62%
3985Maxonrow Maxonrow$0,0236741$18 294,410 MXW-6.82%
3984Stark Chain Stark Chain$2 230,34$4 869,280 STARK1.87%
3983Intelligent BTC Set II Intelligent BTC Set II$91,19$383,90 INTBTC0.00%
3982LOTTO9 LOTTO9$0,051557$38 0710 L90.00%
3981BTC Range Bound Min Volatility Set BTC Range Bound Min Volatility Set$112,65$168,850 BTCMINVOL0.00%
3980Nerthus Nerthus$0,00$00 NTS0.00%
3979Ethereum Fog Ethereum Fog$0,101481$0,240 ETF0.00%
3978Bridge Oracle Bridge Oracle$0,00550049$1 236 3670 BRG52.86%
3977RealToken16200 Fullerton Avenue Detroit MI RealToken16200 Fullerton Avenue Detroit MI$169,38$677,530 REALTOKEN-16200-FULLERTON-AVE-DETROIT-MI0.00%