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Cryptocurrencies: 3907 / Markets: 33911
Market Cap: $ 552 348 248 678 / 24h Vol: $ 148 522 123 322 / BTC Dominance: 62.9494478309%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
4693Gleec Coin Gleec Coin$0,245994$331 0670 GLEEC11.19%
4692Grap Finance Grap Finance$0,00942153$601,320 GRAP-1.11%
4691WeedCash WeedCash$0,02399945$0,020 WEED-2.47%
4690Dtube Coin Dtube Coin$0,245869$4 192,310 DTUBE-1.45%
4689IdleUSDC (Risk Adjusted) IdleUSDC (Risk Adjusted)$1,03$00 IDLEUSDCSAFE0.02%
4688Web Token Pay Web Token Pay$0,116001$5,280 WTP3.62%
4687TomoChain ERC-20 TomoChain ERC-20$0,690356$218 0190 TOMOE-11.91%
4686BNS Token BNS Token$0,04111338$1 022 3640 BNS-2.53%
4685Ace Entertainment Ace Entertainment$0,0030019$00 ACE0.01%
4684Vipo VPS Vipo VPS$0,00745251$162,750 VPS-37.01%
4683YYFI.Protocol YYFI.Protocol$0,098262$488,260 YYFI-11.53%
4682TT Token TT Token$0,00864101$15 656,890 TTT-8.10%
4681Trading Pool Coin Trading Pool Coin$0,651413$0,070 TPC0.00%
4680Poseidon Network Poseidon Network$0,07143$2 176 9280 QQQ20.40%
4679MOAC MOAC$0,073196$17 139,890 MOAC-2.94%
4678FIND Token FIND Token$0,00$9,720 FIND0.00%
4677Intelligent Internet of Things Token Intelligent Internet of Things Token$0,00200197$4,010 IIOTT5.44%
4675PlayGame PlayGame$0,00$1,960 PXG2.00%
4674LibreFreelencer LibreFreelencer$0,02069312$66 4840 LIBREF-37.21%
4673Axion (OLD) Axion (OLD)$0,00$00 AXN0.00%
4672Treecle Treecle$0,01784427$111 4140 TRCL-5.30%
4671Evocar Evocar$0,00529965$5,30 EVO0.00%
4670Intelligence Quickly Chain Intelligence Quickly Chain$0,00157405$34 3950 IQC-13.97%
46690.5X Long Cosmos Token 0.5X Long Cosmos Token$9 039,97$10,120 ATOMHALF0.00%
4668Global Game Coin Global Game Coin$1,58$1 080,640 GGC0.06%
4667Kuende Kuende$0,00018081$171,960 KUE-17.85%
4666New Media Technology New Media Technology$0,00$10,30 NMT0.00%
4665Pixie Coin Pixie Coin$0,00115376$5 673,770 PXC0.07%
4664Supertron Supertron$0,00$1,880 STRO-26.78%
46633X Short Tezos Token 3X Short Tezos Token$0,684339$4 130,550 XTZBEAR20.43%
4662Klever Klever$0,00418431$417 8860 KLV-15.83%
4661KINGS Token KINGS Token$0,0002913$4,370 KING0.00%
4660GARD Governance Token GARD Governance Token$0,00015231$65 2360 GGT-10.94%
4659Hatch DAO Hatch DAO$0,00951375$89 4380 HATCH2.31%
4658BZH TOKEN BZH TOKEN$0,00$00 BZH0.00%
4657Yield Coin Yield Coin$0,0022987$164,860 YLD-1.53%
4656Divert Finance Divert Finance$157,11$65 7280 DEVE0.82%
4655DEXA COIN DEXA COIN$0,00$56 7350 DEXA-24.02%
4654Bitalgo Bitalgo$2,29$32 5260 ALG0.00%
4653Cashaa Cashaa$0,01056753$314 6920 CAS-4.13%
4652Fashion Coin Fashion Coin$0,00$19,870 FSHN-21.70%
4651Second Exchange Alliance Second Exchange Alliance$0,388696$102 3860 SEA0.00%
4650Onigiri Onigiri$0,0032733$53,450 ONIGIRI-8.42%
4649LoanBurst LoanBurst$0,01807803$88,530 LBURST-54.69%
4648Sumcoin Sumcoin$0,01363399$00 SUM0.00%
4647Yfi Credits Yfi Credits$0,580238$27,710 YFIC0.00%
46463X Short Tether Token 3X Short Tether Token$4 418,05$0,40 USDTBEAR0.00%
4645Zukacoin Zukacoin$0,00019045$1,930 ZUKA-1.44%
4644Cyclops Treasure Cyclops Treasure$269,42$6 033,570 CYTR-10.84%
4643One Genesis One Genesis$0,00017645$756,980 OG-0.31%
4642IdleDAI (Yield) IdleDAI (Yield)$1,03$00 IDLEDAIYIELD0.01%
4641Good Boy Points Good Boy Points$0,109109$00 GBP0.00%
4640Somnium Space CUBEs Somnium Space CUBEs$0,391973$3 399,590 CUBE-3.77%
4639Kanva Kanva$1,80$581,080 KNV-9.38%
4638PYRO Network PYRO Network$0,00$0,320 PYRO-6.26%
4637Ontology Gas Ontology Gas$0,223566$11 646 6670 ONG-11.94%
4636Lastcoin Vision Lastcoin Vision$0,0296068$1,050 LCV0.00%
4635TMC TMC$0,077995$228 5330 TMC-0.59%
4634BananoDOS BananoDOS$43,71$87,830 YBAN-2.97%
4633Ducato Protocol Token Ducato Protocol Token$15,35$350 3580 DUCATO0.76%
4632VIDY VIDY$0,0009459$573 8460 VIDY-5.00%
4631Homeros Homeros$1,08$17 108 6280 HMR-2.64%
4630Melecoin Melecoin$0,996084$2 820,640 MLC0.00%
4629TokenTuber TokenTuber$0,00123111$217,570 TUBER-0.42%
46280.5X Long Dragon Index Token 0.5X Long Dragon Index Token$9 273,52$46,180 DRGNHALF0.00%
4627Address Address$0,080042$0,960 ADDR0.00%
46260.5X Long Balancer Token 0.5X Long Balancer Token$7 663,43$5,060 BALHALF0.00%
4625PARETO Rewards PARETO Rewards$0,00048079$162,740 PARETO-2.38%
4624Cryptochrome Cryptochrome$0,01769467$31 6460 CHM-1.82%
46233X Long Sushi Token 3X Long Sushi Token$0,080813$720 5250 SUSHIBULL-34.51%
4622Monero-Classic Monero-Classic$0,261816$1 240,810 XMC462.45%
4621AgriChain AgriChain$0,00683799$107,560 AGRI0.00%
4620Quality Tracing Chain Quality Tracing Chain$0,00819123$78 9270 QTC23.04% Utility Token Utility Token$0,03084003$22,560 SXUT0.00%
4618Nexxo Nexxo$0,00063327$00 NEXXO-94.26%
4617Moonday Finance Moonday Finance$231,15$109 5970 MOONDAY-13.29%
4616ALIS ALIS$0,01221953$00 ALIS-18.23%
4615Ethereum High Yield Set Ethereum High Yield Set$212,81$2 176,340 EHY0.00%
4614Omega Protocol Money Omega Protocol Money$0,00$83,070 OPM8.39%
4613HitHot HitHot$0,00108833$2,680 HITHOT0.00%
4612Unify Unify$0,00922478$10 134,030 UNIFY75.80%
4611HashNet BitEco HashNet BitEco$0,00183683$2 196,990 HNB-0.09%
4610Jobscoin Jobscoin$0,00$0,160 JOBS0.52%
4609QCAD QCAD$0,778433$16 886,510 QCAD0.85%
4608Hands of Steel Hands of Steel$0,00178644$36,840 STEEL0.00%
4607Mogu Mogu$0,0136224$25,220 MOGX0.00%
4606LBRL LBRL$0,188925$0,210 LBRL0.00%
4605Zbank Token Zbank Token$0,00074978$82,730 ZBK-3.40%
4604Olestars Olestars$0,00013512$00 OLE0.00%
4603OneBitEarn OneBitEarn$0,00$00 OBE0.00%
4602Mt Pelerin Shares Mt Pelerin Shares$1,48$349,940 MPS0.00%
4601Etherpay Etherpay$0,183675$7 949,680 ETHPY25.95%
4600VEY VEY$0,00015489$0,230 VEY0.00%
4599Remittance Token Remittance Token$0,0003108$19,840 REMCO0.00%
4598SESSIA SESSIA$0,111906$186 5800 KICKS-6.99%
4597BitBay BitBay$0,188822$12,640 BAY-2.59%
45960.5X Long Ethereum Token 0.5X Long Ethereum Token$11 889,36$615,210 ETHHALF-2.08%
4595SpokLottery SpokLottery$0,00$146,570 SPKL-34.89%
4594MAX Token MAX Token$0,130661$10 180,30 MAX0.47%