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Cryptocurrencies: 3907 / Markets: 33911
Market Cap: $ 552 348 248 678 / 24h Vol: $ 148 522 123 322 / BTC Dominance: 62.9494478309%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
4893STABLE ASSET STABLE ASSET$0,665977$233 3340 STA-1.31%
4892Pledgecamp Pledgecamp$0,00015542$4,280 PLG3.17%
4891Mobius Crypto Mobius Crypto$0,31579$7,280 MOBI0.00%
4890Hubi Token Hubi Token$0,00885321$55 8870 HUB0.00%
4889PICK PICK$0,00362823$17 070,430 PICK4.82%
4888Parallel network Parallel network$0,00975507$125 1020 PNC-0.53%
4887Safex Token Safex Token$0,00360452$1 115,60 SFT-15.77%
4886Tulip Seed Tulip Seed$1,45$290,070 STLP-0.51%
4885Ciredo Ciredo$0,00017795$124,630 CIR0.00%
4884Brother Music Platform Brother Music Platform$0,04639068$1 041 1590 BMP-11.00%
4883Spectrum Cash Spectrum Cash$0,00$0,810 XSM-5.56%
4882Pteria Pteria$1,73$398 3370 PTERIA-19.76%
4881RChain RChain$0,02653414$328 7330 REV0.62%
4880Globalvillage Ecosystem Globalvillage Ecosystem$0,00$19 100,680 GVE0.70%
4879CENTERCOIN CENTERCOIN$0,00059134$19 110,680 CENT1.93%
4878AirWire AirWire$0,03431811$420,590 WIRE-2.62%
4877Gallery Finance Gallery Finance$2,06$30,610 GLF-8.67%
4876GlobalChainZ GlobalChainZ$0,01471338$260 7170 GCZ-10.93%
4875NinjaCoin NinjaCoin$0,00014369$46,810 NINJA3.55%
4874ETH TA Set II ETH TA Set II$67,62$0,610 ETHUSDCTA0.00%
4873VNX Exchange VNX Exchange$0,288671$122 7300 VNXLU-1.79%
4872Shill Shill$0,00$22,570 POSH-2.99%
4871Meld Gold Meld Gold$58,25$3 889,240 MCAU-0.86%
4870Lyra Lyra$0,00058508$46 5570 LYR-0.05%
4869ZG Blockchain Token ZG Blockchain Token$0,03511621$1 474 4870 ZGT0.50%
4868TIMEcoin TIMEcoin$0,0001909$00 TIMEC0.00%
4867VeriME VeriME$0,00015615$1,010 VME0.00%
4866Streamix Streamix$0,268568$66 5960 MIXS-17.34%
4865ROR Universe ROR Universe$0,00273731$387,890 ROR0.00%
4864Vera Cruz Coin Vera Cruz Coin$1,21$264,610 VCCO0.00%
4863LIPCHAIN LIPCHAIN$0,00021205$0,820 LIPS0.16%
4862Mirror World Token Mirror World Token$0,103134$32 8400 MW63.48%
4861Save Environment Token Save Environment Token$0,06506$3,90 SET0.00%
4860Kapu Kapu$0,00019275$10,640 KAPU0.00%
4859Hidden Coin Hidden Coin$0,00055249$1,180 HDN0.00%
4858UNIGRID UNIGRID$0,0129291$8,350 UGD9.38%
4857DeFi Nation Signals DAO DeFi Nation Signals DAO$0,464587$96,10 DSD-2.89%
4856Green World Project Green World Project$0,00$31,240 GWP0.00%
4855Envion Envion$0,094967$31,170 EVN-26.66%
4854ETH Momentum Trigger Set ETH Momentum Trigger Set$222,75$1 611,590 ETHMO-7.55%
4853CyberFM CyberFM$0,00$6,560 CYFM0.04%
4852Bellcoin Bellcoin$0,00176234$173,850 BELL-19.66%
4851Hinto Hinto$0,063242$3 026,750 HNT0.00%
4850LINA LINA$0,00516074$2,550 LINA395.64%
4849APHolding Coin APHolding Coin$0,00801884$13 155,570 APH58.15%
4848BonezYard BonezYard$0,085044$21 0890 BNZ-0.40%
4847Rover Coin Rover Coin$0,00$4,790 ROE0.00%
48461X Short Theta Network Token 1X Short Theta Network Token$1 321,56$300,370 THETAHEDGE0.00%
4845VNT Chain VNT Chain$0,00092072$114 9840 VNT0.09%
4844Universal Currency Universal Currency$0,00305143$0,030 UNIT0.00%
4843DarkLisk DarkLisk$0,00038013$9,530 DISK49.41%
4842Fast Access Blockchain Fast Access Blockchain$0,02163139$509,510 FAB4.33%
4841Cryptocurrency Business Token Cryptocurrency Business Token$0,00022141$45,390 CBT-0.02%
4840BrickBlock BrickBlock$0,01200861$00 BBK0.00%
4839Alldex Alliance Alldex Alliance$0,00053307$4 283,470 AXA0.20%
4838RobboCoach RobboCoach$0,00387877$0,210 RBC0.00%
4837FABRK Token FABRK Token$0,00102305$5,830 FAB0.00%
4836SymVerse SymVerse$0,052884$23,590 SYM-3.94%
4835Kevacoin Kevacoin$0,0002285$46 7280 KVA-0.23%
4834LONG COIN LONG COIN$0,00$15 922,190 LONG1.83%
4833BlockNoteX BlockNoteX$0,600544$74 0430 BNOX-0.23%
4832ZYX ZYX$0,04512042$607,880 ZYX-1.50%
4831LOTTO9 LOTTO9$0,054498$1 129,390 L90.00%
4830XFII XFII$6,70$1 268,050 XFII-8.51%
4829Bitcoin Stash Bitcoin Stash$1,10$144,510 BSH4.41%
4828One World Coin One World Coin$0,00038252$202,510 OWO0.69%
4827xAAVEb xAAVEb$0,818196$302,950 XAAVEB0.00%
4826NO Trump Augur Prediction Token NO Trump Augur Prediction Token$0,87124$57 2150 NTRUMP0.94%
4825AOS AOS$0,04974703$1 921 6820 AOS-0.63%
4824UBU UBU$0,02970559$3 159 7410 UBU-6.05%
4823Crypto Price Index Crypto Price Index$0,502309$340 3550 CPI0.84%
4822Sharkcoin Sharkcoin$0,00150113$200,830 SKN47.05%
4821Tesra Tesra$0,01457404$373 1210 TSR-1.61%
4820Speed Coin Speed Coin$0,00195304$4,310 SPEED-11.92%
4819NoleWater NoleWater$0,00$20,910 AMSK17.51%
4818OksChain OksChain$0,00087899$37 0290 OKS0.20%
4817Streamies Streamies$0,00262998$5,310 STRMS0.00%
4816TrusMarketHub Token TrusMarketHub Token$0,00111038$74,670 TMH9.88%
4815Anonymous Coin Anonymous Coin$0,10083$7,580 AMC0.16%
4814Strain Strain$0,03711923$6 566,20 STRN-16.58%
4813Apexel Natural Nano Apexel Natural Nano$0,00100238$1,730 ANN0.00%
4812WIIX Coin WIIX Coin$0,00801827$22,680 WXC-6.52%
4811Bitfex Bitfex$0,00301097$1 136,530 BFX-0.39%
4810CoinBene Future Token CoinBene Future Token$0,112319$2 266 1580 CFT0.31%
4809SBET SBET$0,00310633$713,280 SBET-7.69%
4808Liquid DeFi Liquid DeFi$31,44$27 3210 LIQ55.11%
4807MoFlux - Boomtown Set II MoFlux - Boomtown Set II$211,34$4 070,190 MFBT0.00%
4806Kurrent Kurrent$0,00252742$2,090 KURT0.00%
4805UZURAS UZURAS$0,00$24,330 UZZ49.83%
4804SEDO POW TOKEN SEDO POW TOKEN$0,03115118$0,160 SEDO-10.48%
4803Aitheon Aitheon$0,00282347$437 8460 ACU-6.45%
4802MelonHeadSProtocol MelonHeadSProtocol$0,00075919$3,030 MHSP-75.67%
4801UBIT SHARE UBIT SHARE$0,00473942$9,480 UBS0.00%
4800FC Bitcoin FC Bitcoin$624,68$00 FCBTC0.00%
4799Largo Coin Largo Coin$9,73$1 454 8240 LRG-4.63%
4798TUNE TUNE$0,00058104$00 TUN50.52%
4797Ubiquitous Social Network Service Ubiquitous Social Network Service$0,00$319,90 USNS-3.78%
4796Tepleton Tepleton$0,00612889$5 634,090 TEP-1.11%
4795BolttCoin BolttCoin$0,00375896$210,150 BOLTT0.13%
4794Breezecoin Breezecoin$0,489487$24 4180 BRZE-3.30%