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Listening Forecast:
3 500 000+
Project audience:
18+ Young and active, solvent audience interested in finance, cryptocurrency, games

About the Audio Series

Reality bifurcation point:

Autumn 2008. Financial crisis. There is no more trust in banks. But the most powerful, the most gifted and the most progressive understood this earlier. At the initiative of Sergey Brin, the largest corporations merged: Meta, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple. Thus was born the metacorporation M.A.N.G.A.

Initial goal:

Creation of a digital financial system capable of withstanding an unstable dominant one.


Increasing influence, penetration into all spheres of government in the civilized world, an attempt to control the cryptocurrency market, progress in the field of IT technologies. The world is on the verge of a dictatorship of a new format, where every breath is under control.

But every action creates a reaction. Not the whole world is ready to enter the digital paradise, seeing in it signs of a dystopia. However, the one who has power in his hands is always stronger. There are fewer people willing to take risks for the sake of illusory freedom.

And one day the seeds will sprout, the veil of illusions will fall and the world will tremble...

Soundtrack Audio Series
Vyacheslav Nosko, Maxim Burkov
Oleg Bard
Vlad Rimsky
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