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Tornado in the Coal Mine — How Globalists Plan to Penalize Privacy and the Poor

No privacy. No property. No prosperity. If you follow the news, you’ve seen the trend — putting legal limits on cash transactions, the emergence of surveillance-oriented, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and more recently, crypto mixing platform Tornado Cash being sanctioned by the United States Treasury. There is a new wave of propaganda increasingly demonizing individual financial privacy and “private” cryptocurrencies and protocols. You’ve likely experienced the dystopian push in your own life, as banks and financial institutions demand more and more sensitive, personal information, and freeze your hard-earned money while telling you to prove you are not a criminal or terrorist before you may access it.

World Economic Frustration

What is a “canary in a coal mine”? The Free Dictionary defines it as “Something or someone who … acts as an indicator and early warning of possible adverse conditions or danger.” The saying hearkens back to the “practice of taking caged canaries into coal mines. The birds would die if methane gas became present and thereby alert miners to the danger.”

With the recent Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) ban on crypto mixing platform Tornado Cash, some in the cryptocurrency space have been accurately describing a specter of a dark world that is to come, and that is already massively here. That is, if individuals globally do not start to speak out and stand up now against economic tyranny.

Tornado in the Coal Mine — How Globalists Plan to Penalize Privacy and the Poor

One ethereum advocate has observed:

Today the U.S. sanctioned Ethereum addresses associated [with] a privacy service called Tornado cash. Circle immediately froze the USDC in those accounts. Github suspended contributors to Tornado. If you were waiting for the opening shot of big brother’s assault on crypto this was it.

There was also a related arrest. And now questions as to the nature of code and free speech emerge once again.

Arguably there have been many such proverbial canaries since bitcoin’s inception in 2009. Indeed, from the beginning of the unfortunate merger of money and the state, they haven’t stopped. The divorce of dollars from gold, the rise of quantitative easing, and absurd and misleading claims about “zero percent” inflation in times of rampant inflation. From the start, the innovation called Bitcoin was a means by which these toxic-gas-filled coal mines called states and financial institutions could be bypassed. There have been many canaries, but it’s also arguable that never has the assault on crypto privacy, financial freedom, and the impoverished world been so obvious as it is now.

Tornado in the Coal Mine — How Globalists Plan to Penalize Privacy and the Poor

Waging War Against the Poor While Praising ‘Inclusion’

In an effort to co-opt and disrupt the freedom and prosperity that crypto has already brought about, especially in poor countries with horrible economic circumstances, globalist governments, central banks, and intergovernmental organizations now employ buzzphrases like “financial inclusion,” “sensible regulation,” and “banking the unbanked,” to mask what they are really doing: divesting all of us of our financial privacy, freedom, and autonomy.

Look to Ghana, where the failure of the cedi currency is prompting people to seek alternate ways to preserve value by trading in foreign currencies. The state’s inclusive response? Go include yourself in a jail cell. Meanwhile, the central bank is pushing a surveillance-oriented electronic version of the already failed traditional currency. Similar anti-crypto, anti-free-market propaganda is being circulated in Nigeria. And of course, Nigeria also has a central bank digital currency (CBDC) project.

In Israel, people are no longer allowed to make cash transactions of over 15,000 shekels (~$4,500) as an individual. 6,000 shekels if you’re a company. The government in Columbia is planning for similar infringements on financial freedom, by foisting a trackable, programmable (think: automatic penalties, seizures, account freezes, and deductions over which you have no say) CBDC on the people there, and capping the amount of private cash they can spend. This trend is growing worldwide, and will only continue to worsen.

While the European Central Bank considers Bitcoin “problematic,” it shamelessly praises CBDCs as a “holy grail.” Here’s what a United Nations agency had to say about crypto in developing nations: “Global use of cryptocurrencies has increased exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic, including in developing countries.” The agency, UNCTAD, even acknowledges crypto is helping people, noting that “cryptocurrencies can facilitate remittances,” but, of course, they add that “they may also enable tax evasion.” The UN agency emphasizes:

If cryptocurrencies become a widespread means of payment and even replace domestic currencies unofficially (a process called cryptoization), this could jeopardize the monetary sovereignty of countries.

Yes. That’s the point. We want to jeopardize you. Because the traditional, energy-wasting, violent monetary system has failed. The globalist elitists cite tax evasion but never own up to the fact that they don’t have real jobs by any sensible estimation, and live as parasites on the hard-earned incomes of those they claim to protect. Oftentimes, as unelected, self-appointed ‘leaders.’

UNCTAD notes that “In this way, cryptocurrencies may also curb the effectiveness of capital controls, a key instrument for developing countries to preserve their policy space and macroeconomic stability.” If you want an accurate translation of “policy space,” of course, it’s control.

Tornado in the Coal Mine — How Globalists Plan to Penalize Privacy and the Poor

These are not isolated happenings. Atlantic Council notes that “105 countries, representing over 95 percent of global GDP, are exploring a CBDC.” 11 have already launched. And in countries where inflation is rampant and the currencies are being devalued into oblivion, and economies unilaterally shut down by engineered panic — this creates problems that can literally be life and death. You may not even make your own competing currency to help ease the pain. You may only use the approved garbage money of the state, under threats of violence and death if you resist, while your hard-earned savings goes down the putrid sewers of Keynesian, statist lunacy.

The ‘Wild West’ Strawman

“So what,” asks the critic, “we just have no regulations and the world descends into chaos, where any unethical monopoly created by warlords can corner the market?” Aside from the fact that massive, literal monopolies on violence (ask Barack Obama or Elon Musk, they agree) called nation states (actual warlords), have already done this, and despite the fact that there is no one governing the governments themselves, or the central banks and “intergovernmental bodies” themselves (they exist in anarchy), the “Wild West” trope that central bankers and regulators repeat ad nauseum, is a myth.

Regulation can be and is done, in ways other than violent force and threats of violence against peaceful individuals. Every single day, a virtually infinite number of transactions take place between consenting parties and groups who wish to trade. Under a privatized, free market paradigm, regulation, enforcement of rights, defense and security, legal systems, etc., can be handled by the market — as they already are in many cases — without the need for self-appointed “elites” and politicians living on taxes (literal extortion), in parasitism. And without the unfortunate result of “qualified immunity” and lack of real accountability that which government engenders due to guaranteed funding.

For an immediate illustration of the overwhelming lack of a need for centralized, violent regulations of a state, think of your everyday life. When you go to the barber: Are you scared that they are going to suddenly jab the scissors into your eyes because there are no police around right at that moment? Of course not.

The main reason business usually works is not because people are so afraid of police and penalties that they behave. Most people are not psychopaths desiring to hurt others anyway (those folks are often in government jobs), but secondarily, business works because of incentives. The state has no real incentive to look out for your interests. The barber does. A private defense group or legal firm would as well, because if the service is bad, you can go elsewhere. Regulators like the SEC don’t care about your prosperity, they care about preserving their monopoly on legality. In fact, the individual prospering as decentralization and innovation proliferate unstoppably is what scares the globalists. It shows their authoritarian cult for what it is: damaging and unnecessary.

Free Market ‘Globalism’ vs New World Disorder

Globalism is a good thing when it is individuals trading freely, and freely competing currencies seeking to become the most saleable good in the world economy, as gold has been and some might say, still is — and as bitcoiners hope Satoshi’s creation will one day be. This is not the World Economic Forum’s vision of globalism, however.

While CBDCs promise to revolutionize payments and deliver efficiencies for consumers (retail or commercial), it is still unclear how their architecture accommodates an identity layer. A digital identity layer should be developed independently of other parts of payment processes and systems, such as authorizing/ authenticating transactions or applications.

The quote above is from the June 2022 WEF Insight Report titled: “Future Focus 2025 Pathways for Progress from the Network of Global Future Councils 2020-2022.” Amidst flowery quotes and fanciful ideas about climate change, vaccines, and surveillance-friendly money tied directly to your ID with override mechanisms to reject transactions, are quotes like this:

International coordination on tax matters is needed now more than ever, especially to deal with pressing challenges regarding the taxation of multinational enterprises and tax evasion by individuals using offshore accounts. The highest priority in international tax coordination is with respect to climate change.

Ask yourself why the private-jet-setting, climate crisis Davos class are now directly connecting concepts like carbon credits, biometrics, digital ID, AI, vaccine certification, and CBDCs. When you hold paper money in your hand, or gold, or silver, or cryptocurrencies in a non-custodial fashion, and you trade peer-to-peer with others, these transactions cannot easily be “shut off.” If, however, CBDCs rise to ubiquity, any single excuse — from vaccination status to too much use of your lawnmower — could result in deductions from your account, or worse, and there will be nothing you can do about it. “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.

No Privacy, No Property, No Prosperity

Go green. Save the planet. Use less energy and fuel. This is what those who charter private jets to fly around the world say to us.

Bitcoin is too energy intensive. It’s not sustainable. This is what those who launch endless wars causing untold climate damage and wasting massive amounts of energy, who murder countless innocent individuals and children say to us.

Use our CBDCs. We want everyone to prosper. Use protocols that are off-chain and custodial, you can trust us. This is what those who imprison non-violent traders, make free exchange illegal, freeze the accounts of the starving, and shut down entire economies under threat of violence, say to us.

Why do you believe them?

The reason unchecked and unsupervised central banks, state-lobbying financial groups, governments, and international globalist organizations are buying up hard assets like real estate, assets like BTC, clamping down on free peer-to-peer exchange of cash and cryptos, and pushing global surveillance money, KYC regulations, and endless hoops to jump through to transact, is simple. They want you to be a dependent slave.

Property can be defined as something an individual or group has exclusive use rights to. My body, for example. I decide what happens to it and no one else has a higher claim to it than I do. Do you want to borrow my car? Sure, no problem. But without my express permission, it’s theft. The rights to its exclusive use are mine.

Because only I know the seed phrase to my bitcoin wallet, I’ve effectively given myself exclusive use. Once the privacy necessary to secure the seed is gone, so is my ability to use the coins. Once private property like one’s body, car, money, or house are not recognized as such, the privacy is invaded by violence. Meanwhile, those at the top of the current power pyramid continue to do their own business in private meetings, and plot to make everyone other than those in line with the dystopian agenda, poor and powerless. The way to do this is to demonize and destroy privacy. To end private property. And the root of private property is self-ownership.

They are calling into question your very right to exist as a free individual, and to prosper by benefitting from the fruits of your own labor and mind. This right is yours. Anyone claiming otherwise is an enemy.

Will we sit back while the politicians break all the rules they tell us to follow? Or is it time to find ways to deny this evil system its power?


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