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The Gift of NFTs: Why You Should Consider Buying an NFT for Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

2021 is coming to an end and the new year is just around the corner. If you’ve ever considered getting a very unconventional, extremely trendy, and totally unforgettable Christmas gift for your loved ones, NFT artworks can be a great option. If you decide to buy one now, it will for sure be delivered before the holiday arrives.

NFT Art: New Gold for Gen Z Investors and Art Lovers

Whether NFT art is for Gen Z is still debatable, but we see that there are more and more Gen Z NFT art creators all around the world that have been quick to adopt the new technology, and even faster to monetize their artworks via blockchain. This even before many millennial institutional investors understood what NFTs were and why investing in the metaverse is important.

NFT art is first and foremost — art. If you see the representation of the creator’s mind and find beauty in a piece, it has aesthetic value for your personal collection. And unlike traditional art that you mostly see in galleries, museums, auction houses — or on their websites — NFT art is more accessible on web 3.0 (Web3) and more tradable.

If you are an art lover and are considering investing in the future of metaverse, NFTs are definitely a good option for your personal investment and art collection. This also makes them a very unique and timely gift for Christmas 2021: to impress your existing NFT-loving friends and to introduce people that you care about to the world of metaverse via this investment option.

A Lottery Ticket to the Metaverse Future

In the “good old days”, when people selected gifts for their loved ones to celebrate important holidays or anniversaries, what they considered to really hold value were objects such as expensive jewelry, luxurious watches, or simply, diamonds and gold. It’s a big question mark whether these traditional investments of expensive and rare items as gifts still hold much value when the fiat world is already so unstable. So why not consider an alternative gift that might hold stronger value in the future, metaverse-oriented world: NFTs.

Of course, an NFT piece of jewelry or a luxurious watch in a metaverse game might not be worth a lot of money (depending on the game and the popularity of the asset), but it’s a lottery ticket that gives you a small foot in the door of the metaverse future. NFT investment can be very diverse in the metaverse, as are gift options.

If you are very rich, you might consider gifting your loved ones a piece of land in Decentraland or The Sandbox. If you really love MMORPG games, you might want to buy a unique NFT hero from that game for your friend. If your loved ones are not interested in either metaverse games or metaverse experiences in general, an artistic and expressive NFT artwork will do.

Needless to say, those who understood the potential of NFTs and got into things like Cryptopunks early are very happy right now. One might be tempted to look down upon such a highly pixelated profile picture (thinking of Cryptopunks, here) which seems so basic that an average five-year-old could probably make it, and call the whole thing a scam. But many people firmly believe that this is just the infant stage of NFTs, metaverse, and the advent of a brand new world. If there is only a ten percent chance this world will come, I wouldn’t mind spending a few hundred dollars (or even much less) on a newly-released NFT artwork that shows great potential to survive and thrive. Remember that faded old baseball card that your grandfather left in the bottom drawer? There’s a chance these “silly” pieces of art could skyrocket in value like that child’s Mickey Mantle card.

NFTs Are a Neat Way to Invite Family and Friends to the Crypto Metaverse

It’s highly likely that your loved ones have already heard of the terms blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, and metaverse. It’s also likely that they don’t really understand what these are or how they work. Because of this, buying an NFT gift for them this Christmas could be a great way to introduce them, from the very beginning, and help them to embrace the decentralized crypto metaverse.

First, in order for them to receive the gift, you will need to guide them in how to download and install an NFT-supporting wallet app on their phone, and explain a little bit about how the wallet works. In principle, it’s not that different from helping them open a cryptocurrency wallet and just sending them some coins. However, giving someone a piece of digital art will be perceived as more appropriate for a holiday gift and less like “homework” from someone that wants to teach you about their favorite financial technology.

After setting up the wallet for them, they will be able to receive your NFT Christmas gift. If it’s an NFT asset that can be used in a game, such as land from The Sandbox, a super cool hat for the avatar in Decentraland, or three Axie characters from Axie Infinity, even better. Now you can also help them create a metaverse game account and let them experience the games using your gifted NFT assets.

However, it is very important to emphasize how valuable these assets are both in the metaverse and in our reality to make sure they don’t “spend” them accidentally or exchange them for assets that will devalue quickly.

Besides Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, There Are Other Good Ones out There

Now you are ready to open up your crypto wallet and pay for the selected Christmas gifts for your loved ones. If you are shocked at how much NFTS are worth today, as compared to a few days or months ago, don’t worry. Not everyone can afford Cryptopunks or BAYC. Unless you are a big whale, we already missed that train. But it’s not too late to start. There are still many other options you can consider.

The major NFT art marketplaces are OpenSea, Rarible, and Rarity. There are new, more affordable marketplaces where people can buy and trade NFT assets popping up almost every day. Browse through these marketplaces and look for something that is pleasant to your eyes, suitable for your loved ones, and price-friendly for your crypto wallet. Maybe next Christmas your NFT gift investment this year will earn your entire family a luxurious trip to a European ski resort for two weeks. All-inclusive.

Would you buy an NFT for your loved ones for Christmas? Let us know in the comment section below.



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