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Narrative Watch: The Hunt for Crypto’s Killer App

Starting today, accredited investors will be able to partake of $13.5 million in tokenized bonds connected to the contract of Brooklyn Nets Point Guard Spencer Dinwiddie. The first-of-its-kind offering took months of negotiation with the NBA but marks a seminal moment for both crypto and the larger idea of "income share agreements."

In this podcast, we discuss how big a deal Dinwiddie’s offering is and whether income share agreements could be a breakout use case for crypto. We also discuss other contenders for “crypto killer app,” including under-collateralized DeFi loans and NFT-based games. Finally, we discuss whether crypto’s actual killer app has already arrived - in the form of using bitcoin to escape local political and economic controls.

Topics Discussed:

Spencer Dinwiddie tokenizes $13.5m NBA contract

What Income Share Agreements have to do with crypto 

Bitcoin’s mainstream use case isn’t mainstream