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Jobcoin Launches IEO and Will Be Listed on Coinbene, One of the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges with the Biggest Transaction Volume

On May 8, 2019, JOBCOIN will launch IEO on CoinBene, one of the TOP 10 cryptocurrency exchanges with the biggest transaction volume and will be listed on May 17, 2019.

“JobCoin” is a project with its mission of reducing poverty and inequality in the world, by making use of the latest blockchain technology. Which will be launching IEO and getting listed on the cryptocurrency exchange CoinBene, one of the TOP 10 cryptocurrency exchanges with the biggest transaction volume.

JOBCOIN Launches IEO and Will be Listed on CoinBene, One of the Biggest Exchanges

A project with its mission of reducing poverty and inequality in the world,

On May 8, 2019, JOBCOIN will be launching IEO on the cryptocurrency exchange CoinBene, one of the TOP 10 cryptocurrency exchanges with the biggest transaction volume, and will be listed on May 17, 2019.

IEO Date: May 08, 2019

Listing Date: May 17, 2019

Listing Platform: CoinBene

Potential of its Pay-As-You-Go Business Model

To predict the potential of JOBCOIN’s Pay-As-You-Go Business Model(patented), there is the Wagestream’s success which also employs the same business model, and came out with a statement that the company will raise a round of financing from Village Global. Village Global is a venture capital consists of members of legendary entrepreneurs of our time, such as Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s founder, CEO, chairman Jeff Bezos, and Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates. Such highest-net-worth individuals in the world convey the excellence of this business model, which Grameen Bank of Bangladesh has developed microfinance to the poor using this model and won the Nobel Peace Prize respectably.

While the charitable work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which advocates that fulfilling financial services to the poor will be a solution out of poverty, Village Global has invested in Wagestream. These facts prove the potential of JobCoin’s business model.

What is IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)?

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) refers to the fundraising which the project consigns a specific exchange for selling and distributing tokens to their investors. When IEO starts, investors can directly purchase tokens from the exchange.

In addition, the chance of investors will be fooled by fraudulent token sales is expected to be drastically reduced as the exchange performs preliminary screening of tokens.

In the previous IEO conducted by Binance, the “BitTorrent (BTT)” token sale ended in about 18 minutes pricing 10 times higher than the IEO original sale price.

Also, the “TOP Network (TOP)” conducted on HUOBI sold out within about 10 minutes and priced 17 times higher.

Yet one of coins with the highest growth rate among them is “Chronocoin (CRN)”, which is listed on the cryptocurrency exchange “CoinBene”, one of the TOP 10 cryptocurrency exchanges, and it has soared 40 times higher from the IEO sale.

JobCoin Will be the Exchange Platform Token of BitKing

BitKing is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides margin trading services and boasts the world’s largest leverage of 200x.

While BitMEX’s leverage is limited to 100x, BitKing’s ability to leverage 200x makes it an attractive exchange.

JobCoin’s formal adoption as an exchange platform token and the key currency of BitKing Exchange, enables the investors to use it as margin. Furthermore, the Exchange BitKing has also decided to conduct IEO for JobCoin around almost the same time as the launching of IEO on CoinBene. (Details will be published on BitKing’s site)

What is Exchange Platform Token?

Exchange Platform Token is a token issued by the cryptocurrency exchange independently. While the cryptocurrency market in 2018 has been a bear market, exchange tokens such as BNB tokens (Binance) have tended to increase their value as the exchanges’ services expand. BNB token (Binance) is an exchange token that has soared about 200x or more, and besides BNB token, there ate HT token (Huobi), OKB token (OKEx), etc. also r4emained favorable when compared with other typical cryptocurrencies.

When JobCoin is used as BitKing’s exchange platform token, and as a margin by investors, it is possible to trace the same position as other such well-known exchange platforms tokens.

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