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Cryptocurrencies: 3780 / Markets: 31738
Market Cap: $ 390 768 513 546 / 24h Vol: $ 101 536 908 668 / BTC Dominance: 63.290218727463%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
31333X Short Maker Token 3X Short Maker Token$669,64$21,90 MKRBEAR0.00%
50931X Short Bitcoin Token 1X Short Bitcoin Token$627,11$18 202,440 HEDGE-0.05%
5182ETH 20 Day MA Crossover Set ETH 20 Day MA Crossover Set$581,96$7 042,770 ETH20SMACO-0.68%
4981ETH 20 Day MA Crossover Yield Set ETH 20 Day MA Crossover Yield Set$564,53$995,670 ETHMACOAPY0.00%
4926ETH 20 MA Crossover Yield Set II ETH 20 MA Crossover Yield Set II$538,52$5 508,520 ETH20MACOAPY0.20%
4471Bitpakcoin9 Bitpakcoin9$520,41$53,080 BPAK90.81%
372Aave MKR Aave MKR$8 882 667$519,36$368 97917 103,19 AMKR-0.40%
1420Wrapped Origin Axie Wrapped Origin Axie$143 092$516,58$15 983,94277 WOA-9.55%
38Maker Maker$469 765 467$516,14$46 310 189909 598,03 MKR-4.58%
33011X Short Ethereum Token 1X Short Ethereum Token$485,90$2 254,720 ETHHEDGE2.56%
4607BTC ETH Equal Weight Set BTC ETH Equal Weight Set$451,73$101,070 BTCETH50500.00%
418Dify.Finance Dify.Finance$6 957 179$434,34$2 156 79716 000 YFIII-26.63%
31153X Long Ethereum Token 3X Long Ethereum Token$421,91$2 687 8530 ETHBULL-9.95%
61Aave ETH Aave ETH$209 633 372$411,92$0508 923,61 AETH0.00%
749Xiotri Xiotri$1 752 098$394,62$936 0444 434,4 XIOT-25.57%
259YF Link YF Link$18 597 002$393,56$1 101 42847 173,27 YFL-4.53%
2482EnCore EnCore$389,82$105 3220 ENCORE-6.10%
365sETH sETH$9 266 662$385,83$79 10524 017,52 SETH-3.94%
4194WETH WETH$378,83$1 461 6330 WETH-2.97%
2Ethereum Ethereum$42 935 976 945$378,80$11 149 371 871113 220 415,19 ETH-3.30%
3038ETH 26 EMA Crossover Yield Set ETH 26 EMA Crossover Yield Set$366,55$1 224,590 ETHEMAAPY-1.14%
31063X Long Kyber Network Token 3X Long Kyber Network Token$359,20$2 777,920 KNCBULL-14.55%
2275ETH 26 EMA Crossover Yield II ETH 26 EMA Crossover Yield II$358,59$143,440 ETHEMAAPY0.00%
5040ETH 12 Day EMA Crossover Set ETH 12 Day EMA Crossover Set$346,79$50,270 ETH12EMACO0.00%
3062Intelligent Ratio Set Intelligent Ratio Set$342,13$538,170 INTRATIO-0.86%
374Bounce Token Bounce Token$8 904 043$336,55$4 839 38026 498,5 BOT-13.72%
45683X Long LEO Token 3X Long LEO Token$319,94$5,760 LEOBULL8.17%
2514ETH 50 Day MA Crossover Set ETH 50 Day MA Crossover Set$304,73$297,830 ETH50SMACO0.00%
3387LINK Profit Taker Set LINK Profit Taker Set$297,34$3 897,850 LINKPT-5.41%
3068ETH Price Action Candlestick Set ETH Price Action Candlestick Set$286,18$1 620,50 ETHPA0.00%
3573Maya Preferred 223 Maya Preferred 223$284,44$13,190 MAPR-1.54%
3443Dandy Dego Dandy Dego$278,74$5 307,890 DANDY-9.32%
731cWBTC cWBTC$1 920 696$269,15$5 448 8247 136 CWBTC-0.64%
3934Fear & Greed Sentiment Set II Fear & Greed Sentiment Set II$266,64$38,280 GREED-2.74%
44673X Short DeFi Index Token 3X Short DeFi Index Token$266,50$3 395,990 DEFIBEAR12.25%
46471X Short TomoChain Token 1X Short TomoChain Token$260,00$1 232,770 TOMOHEDGE0.00%
3087LINK/ETH Growth Alpha Set LINK/ETH Growth Alpha Set$258,60$963,640 LEGA0.00%
5Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash$4 776 827 380$257,39$2 786 772 39618 558 564,65 BCH-3.77%
1649sBCH sBCH$51 036$257,37$2 102,29198,3 SBCH0.00%
3905Vanguard Information Technology ETF Vanguard Information Technology ETF$255,87$00 VGT.CX0.00%
5073BTC ETH 75%/25% Weight Set BTC ETH 75%/25% Weight Set$253,63$78,630 BTCETH75250.00%
428iETH iETH$6 633 114$252,80$230 81226 238,74 IETH1.08%
2407Money Printer Go Brrr Set Money Printer Go Brrr Set$252,40$242,880 BRRR0.00%
3586ETH RSI 60/40 Crossover Set ETH RSI 60/40 Crossover Set$252,22$53,420 ETHRSI60400.00%
3537BOY Cassette Tape by RAC BOY Cassette Tape by RAC$248,71$00 TAPE0.00%
1387renBCH renBCH$168 527$246,50$18,92683,67 RENBCH-7.57%
4504iBCH iBCH$244,89$522,220 IBCH0.00%
2933ETH BTC 75%/25% Weight Set ETH BTC 75%/25% Weight Set$244,45$268,80 ETHBTC75250.00%
4785Zcartz Zcartz$244,10$84,370 ZCRT0.00%
3446Heavens Gate Heavens Gate$241,41$17 943,520 HATE-5.98%
3069ETH Moonshot X Discretionary Yield Set ETH Moonshot X Discretionary Yield Set$238,66$1 962,440 ETHMOONX20.00%
3065BullBearEthereum Set II BullBearEthereum Set II$234,02$355,160 BBE0.00%
3247ChainLink Trading Set ChainLink Trading Set$231,68$156,910 CTS0.00%
3124MoFlux - Clash of Kings MoFlux - Clash of Kings$230,75$349,370 MFCK0.00%
2438ETH Volatility Adjusted Set ETH Volatility Adjusted Set$227,54$29,50 EVOL0.00%
2456LINK/ETH Long-Only Alpha Portfolio LINK/ETH Long-Only Alpha Portfolio$225,39$773,480 LELOAP0.00%
44921X Short Chainlink Token 1X Short Chainlink Token$222,60$102,170 LINKHEDGE0.00%
3435ETH/BTC RSI Ratio Trading Set ETH/BTC RSI Ratio Trading Set$222,11$172,820 ETHBTCRSI-1.37%
3232Chad Link Set Chad Link Set$219,93$13 625,370 CHADLINK0.00%
4207BTC Network Demand Set II BTC Network Demand Set II$217,22$4 783,220 BYTE-0.53%
339SAFE2 SAFE2$11 325 190$215,31$906 45952 689,18 SAFE2-9.85%
910Yearn Finance Bit Yearn Finance Bit$947 635$210,32$103 0454 500 YFBT-9.68%
3816ETH/BTC Long-Only Alpha Portfolio ETH/BTC Long-Only Alpha Portfolio$206,51$309,760 EBLOAP-0.65%
163Keep3rV1 Keep3rV1$39 515 539$199,19$72 216 107200 041 KP3R-38.24%
3168LINK RSI Crossover Set LINK RSI Crossover Set$197,86$472,630 LINKRSICO-6.00%
2249ETH/BTC EMA Ratio Trading Set ETH/BTC EMA Ratio Trading Set$197,01$208,790 ETHBTCEMACO0.00%
4167Jinbi Token Jinbi Token$189,82$56 4660 JNB0.02%
3437LINK/ETH RSI Ratio Trading Set LINK/ETH RSI Ratio Trading Set$176,74$176,740 LINKETHRSI-5.93%
5067BTC Range Bond Low Volatility Set BTC Range Bond Low Volatility Set$176,35$1 252,760 BTCLOVOL0.00%
46833X Long Dragon Index Token 3X Long Dragon Index Token$170,47$0,340 DRGNBULL-9.57%
3049BTC On-Chain Beta Portfolio Set BTC On-Chain Beta Portfolio Set$169,96$169,960 BOCBP-1.05%
3977RealToken16200 Fullerton Avenue Detroit MI RealToken16200 Fullerton Avenue Detroit MI$169,38$677,530 REALTOKEN-16200-FULLERTON-AVE-DETROIT-MI0.00%
3926ETH Range Bound High Volatility Set ETH Range Bound High Volatility Set$164,90$164,90 ETHHIVOL0.00%
10Bitcoin SV Bitcoin SV$2 985 376 079$160,82$571 267 95418 557 107,89 BSV-4.80%
3786ETH Long-Only Alpha Portfolio ETH Long-Only Alpha Portfolio$159,24$79,620 ELOAP0.00%
648Polyient Games Governance Token Polyient Games Governance Token$2 609 287$158,16$468 11316 218 PGT17.96%
5188ETH/BTC Price Action Candlestick Set ETH/BTC Price Action Candlestick Set$157,79$337,570 ETHBTCPA-1.02%
3784Ethereum High Yield Set Ethereum High Yield Set$157,22$157,220 EHY0.00%
3960Intelligent ETH Set II Intelligent ETH Set II$156,58$1 029,330 INTETH0.01%
3041Simone Simone$156,00$0,290 SON0.00%
3066BullBearBitcoin Set II BullBearBitcoin Set II$153,64$1 921,20 BBB0.00%
48293X Short Huobi Token Token 3X Short Huobi Token Token$153,09$741,420 HTBEAR1.63%
2107100 Waves ETH/USD Ether Hoard Set 100 Waves ETH/USD Ether Hoard Set$153,06$75,520 100WETH0.00%
22303X Short Dogecoin Token 3X Short Dogecoin Token$152,93$0,920 DOGEBEAR0.00%
4486100 Waves ETH/BTC Set 100 Waves ETH/BTC Set$152,37$211,860 100WRATIO0.00%
42953X Long VeChain Token 3X Long VeChain Token$150,42$12 846,990 VETBULL-17.72%
570Meme Meme$3 340 932$149,96$3 909 36122 279,26 MEME-5.49%
5042RealToken 10024 10028 Appoline St Detroit MI RealToken 10024 10028 Appoline St Detroit MI$147,17$588,690 REALTOKEN-10024-10028-APPOLINE-ST-DETROIT-MI4.24%
421BarnBridge BarnBridge$6 826 901$146,32$648 76546 533,77 BOND8.06%
3545Holistic ETH Set Holistic ETH Set$144,50$936,840 TCAPETHDAI-3.56%
4164Set of Sets Trailblazer Fund Set of Sets Trailblazer Fund$142,41$28,860 MQSS-2.44%
3224BTC RSI Crossover Yield Set BTC RSI Crossover Yield Set$142,39$677,770 BTCRSIAPY-0.65%
4490The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company$141,23$00 SMG.CX0.00%
3930MoFlux - Boomtown Set II MoFlux - Boomtown Set II$141,05$1 827,310 MFBT0.00%
4787ETH AI Limit Loss ETH AI Limit Loss$140,59$65,710 ELL0.00%
2043ETH Smart Beta Set ETH Smart Beta Set$140,40$156,90 ETHSB0.00%
4322Advance Auto Parts Advance Auto Parts$139,83$00 AAP.CX0.00%
3876ETH Moonshot X Yield Set ETH Moonshot X Yield Set$139,20$1 116,180 ETHMOONX0.00%
3449Alligator + Fractal Set Alligator + Fractal Set$138,62$138,620 GATOR-3.10%
3972CoindicatorBTC Set CoindicatorBTC Set$133,71$10,740 COINBTC0.00%