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Cryptocurrencies: 3907 / Markets: 33911
Market Cap: $ 552 348 248 678 / 24h Vol: $ 148 522 123 322 / BTC Dominance: 62.9494478309%

Market capitalization Cryptocurrency

# Name Market Cap Price Volume Circulating Supply Change (24h)
5100JobCoin JobCoin$0,00$56,630 JOB38.80%
5099Firmachain Firmachain$0,060681$3 482 1190 FCT-2.28%
5098WadzPay Token WadzPay Token$0,050929$68 5980 WTK-9.77%
5097BLOOD BLOOD$0,00036373$2 032,740 BLOOD12.46%
5096TopCoinFX TopCoinFX$0,0242156$122,870 TCFX0.00%
5095Nyerium Nyerium$0,00019168$00 NYEX0.00%
5094MtBlock MtBlock$0,00$197 7560 MTS0.48%
5093Ecoreal Estate Ecoreal Estate$0,04677989$3 634,90 ECOREAL4.89%
5092ETH Trending Alpha LT Set II ETH Trending Alpha LT Set II$117,37$117,370 ETA0.00%
5091HubDao HubDao$0,285133$146 8580 HD-0.63%
5090MyTVchain MyTVchain$0,01110739$1 480,980 MYTV3.68%
5089VN Token VN Token$0,02402564$4,760 VN-3.63%
5088ETH Volatility Adjusted Set ETH Volatility Adjusted Set$227,54$29,50 EVOL0.00%
5087Dalichain Dalichain$0,03961563$0,040 DALI0.00%
5086PonziCoin PonziCoin$0,00080496$0,510 PONZI-4.32%
5085Global Rental Token Global Rental Token$0,00$0,590 GRT0.04%
50843X Short Chainlink Token 3X Short Chainlink Token$0,00171731$444 7420 LINKBEAR28.07%
5083Elxis Elxis$3,51$169 4450 LEX0.00%
5082Ethereum Lightning Token Ethereum Lightning Token$8,36$657 4820 ETLT-0.02%
5081Mountains and Valleys ETH/BTC Set Mountains and Valleys ETH/BTC Set$230,21$141,250 MAVC0.00%
5080BTC RSI Crossover Yield Set BTC RSI Crossover Yield Set$199,70$4 776,460 BTCRSIAPY-3.99%
5079GROM GROM$0,54865$1 845,570 GR-2.45%
5078Adventure Token Adventure Token$0,275409$5 714,150 TWA-17.68%
5077Electronic Energy Coin Electronic Energy Coin$0,00193475$28,440 E2C-50.06%
5076PHI TOKEN PHI TOKEN$0,04448318$462,530 PHI-6.10%
5075Data Delivery Network Data Delivery Network$0,00916002$14 322,40 DDN-3.50%
5074Vectorspace AI Vectorspace AI$0,156707$6 494,960 VXV8.39%
5073Bitcurate Bitcurate$0,00499528$50 BTCR0.00%
5072Fee Active Collateral Token Fee Active Collateral Token$0,0101065$192,020 FACT0.00%
5071CONUN CONUN$0,00535728$273 2860 CON-5.45%
5070Swamp Coin Swamp Coin$0,00064464$7,280 SWAMP-60.07%
5069Bitswift Bitswift$0,237493$35 6020 BITS3.94%
5068ETHUSD ADL 4H Set ETHUSD ADL 4H Set$315,25$20,380 ETHUSDADL4-4.40%
5067ETH 26 Day EMA Crossover Set ETH 26 Day EMA Crossover Set$573,90$573,90 ETH26EMACO-5.46%
5066MillenniumClub Coin MillenniumClub Coin$0,00318486$42,280 MCLB717.07%
5065Equus Mining Token Equus Mining Token$0,00029799$65,40 EQMT0.00%
5064VirtaCoin VirtaCoin$0,00$00 VTA0.00%
5063FinanceX Exchange Token FinanceX Exchange Token$0,01717095$19 447,130 FNXS879.44%
5062Russian Miner Coin Russian Miner Coin$0,075901$100,990 RMC-1.93%
5061CounosX CounosX$86,49$207 6350 CCXX-0.81%
5060Link Platform Link Platform$0,03826053$0,020 LNK-2.82%
5059Juggernaut Juggernaut$0,092599$42 0600 JGN0.36%
5058Ragnarok Ragnarok$0,00055902$27,150 RAGNA-4.08%
5057DogDeFiCoin DogDeFiCoin$1,38$56 0990 DOGDEFI5.42%
5056GiletJauneCoin GiletJauneCoin$0,00834731$12,580 GJCO2.04%
5055Q8E20 Token Q8E20 Token$2,96$10,770 Q8E200.00%
5054Nyanswop Token Nyanswop Token$0,00101505$00 NYA0.00%
5053NewsTokens NewsTokens$0,214263$98,650 NEWS13.68%
5052JoorsChain JoorsChain$0,00$2,580 JIC-0.06%
5051CoinStarter CoinStarter$0,0005663$1 967,250 STC-5.07%
5050RealToken 20200 Lesure Street Detroit MI RealToken 20200 Lesure Street Detroit MI$76,06$76,060 REALTOKEN-20200-LESURE-ST-DETROIT-MI0.00%
5049Vault Guardian Token Vault Guardian Token$0,00235341$00 VGT0.00%
5048SimplexChain SimplexChain$0,01268006$224 3420 SXC-36.21%
5047RIZE Token RIZE Token$0,055266$00 RIZE0.00%
5046Bitrue Coin Bitrue Coin$0,03597125$4 005 2990 BTR-7.86%
5045Suterusu Suterusu$0,0039627$153 2630 SUTER-2.88%
5044gAsp gAsp$0,407779$263 8120 GASP-1.30%
50430.5X Long Shitcoin Index Token 0.5X Long Shitcoin Index Token$9 872,29$52,320 HALFSHIT0.00%
5042YFE Money YFE Money$2,12$37,930 YFE-0.12%
5041Watchdog Watchdog$0,00244201$0,910 WMP0.00%
5040ECOMI ECOMI$0,00$8 941,810 OMI1.63%
5039Set of Sets Trailblazer Fund Set of Sets Trailblazer Fund$207,53$257,210 MQSS-3.41%
5038Superstringchain Superstringchain$0,01899427$1,90 SSC0.00%
5037CryptoProfile CryptoProfile$0,00102637$48,750 CP0.00%
5036Netkoin Liquid Netkoin Liquid$0,00195354$00 LIQUID0.00%
5035ArgenPeso ArgenPeso$0,01415435$0,710 ARGP0.00%
5034Intelligent ETH Set II Intelligent ETH Set II$156,74$4 321,150 INTETH0.00%
5033MTTCoin MTTCoin$157,18$195 4990 MTTCOIN1.55%
5032Bitorcash Token Bitorcash Token$0,00$1,610 BOC-0.05%
5031Whitecoin Whitecoin$0,210907$110 5790 XWC-1.06%
5030KIZUNACOIN KIZUNACOIN$0,00$5 312,010 KIZ-67.97%
5029Ston Ston$0,089064$217,730 STON-10.15%
5027UnoSwap UnoSwap$1,36$9 645,490 UNOS26.59%
5026Trade Token X Trade Token X$0,02741312$143,10 TIOX0.00%
5025Kmushicoin Kmushicoin$0,598338$0,20 KTV-4.19%
5024Safe SeaFood Coin Safe SeaFood Coin$0,00147334$00 SSF0.00%
5023Hamebi Token Hamebi Token$0,0003721$1 249,550 HMB0.48%
5022Pollux Coin Pollux Coin$0,477861$2 385,960 POX0.02%
5021STK Coin STK Coin$0,061864$96 5020 STK-3.76%
5020Global Cryptocurrency Global Cryptocurrency$0,00470598$110,580 GCC21.04%
5019Yearn Global Yearn Global$0,642898$141,480 YG-6.66%
5018DarkSaga DarkSaga$0,00023106$14,420 SAGA0.00%
5017Bestay Bestay$0,350427$33 1030 BSY15.49%
5016LOCK Token LOCK Token$0,135471$227,690 LOCK0.00%
5015Decentralize Currency Decentralize Currency$0,00075048$2,720 DCA-3.14%
5014Semitoken Semitoken$0,01610077$11 197,190 SEMI-3.46%
5013Wemix Token Wemix Token$0,284251$592 1120 WEMIX-2.52%
5012Shaka Shaka$0,01341851$0,510 HAK0.00%
5011BeatzCoin BeatzCoin$0,00027302$3 885,550 BTZC-14.82%
5010Waytom Waytom$0,01150731$163,840 WTM-9.16%
5009OWL Token OWL Token$0,250978$62 6420 OWL3.32%
5008Data Exchange Data Exchange$0,01679024$1,880 DTE0.00%
5007Hellenic Coin Hellenic Coin$0,465112$38 9330 HNC-3.61%
5006iCherry Finance iCherry Finance$1,99$78 9790 ICH0.00%
5005PRESTO PRESTO$0,00021174$386,610 PRSTX0.00%
50043X Short DeFi Index Token 3X Short DeFi Index Token$50,98$2 135,530 DEFIBEAR28.39%
5003Ino Coin Ino Coin$3,23$469 7100 INO-5.23%
5002AMO Coin AMO Coin$0,00049447$251 5290 AMO-2.41%
5001Boid Boid$0,00$2,870 BOID-18.06%