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“BitMart Metaverse Eve” live broadcast was held as part of Christmas Series Event

BitMart Christmas Metaverse Eve 2022 live broadcast was held on 22nd December on Youtube channel @BitMart Research, with $10000 Tokens/NFTs Prize in Total, it was a part of the Christmas Series Event of BitMart.

This event was a 3-hour continuous live broadcast presented by BitMart, together with 8 excellent projects.

Guests of the event:

Yuanyuan, the Amplio Capital VP hosted this live event.

Mr. Sheldon, the Founder, and CEO of BitMart Exchange, gave a keynote speech:

“It’s a challenging year for BitMart. And we also make several breakthrough points. We have over 9.000.000 registered users on BitMart ( with the highest daily trading volume of about 4 billion U.S Dollars. Being the global trading platform for digital assets, BitMart is now offering 800+ trading pairs in spot market.

BitMart completed a Series B fundraising round led by the New York-based private equity firm Alexander Capital Ventures. On the business side, the team is engaging several active connections with high-quality projects through the venture capital branch Cipholio Ventures and Amplio Capital.

Our next step is to build and create a Metaverse with our partners, friends, and every contributor in this industry. The blockchain industry will be a tool to build a beyond-universe world – the Metaverse, whether it’s NFT, DeFi, GameFi or Web 3.0. Metaverse is a huge world full of potential, we will start to our path to building with every contributor in this industry. ”

In the 1st panel discussion, 5 guests exchanged their insights about GameFi:

Baby A – Operation Director of BabySwap:

“NFT is the connector, and GameFi is our ultimate goal”

“In The Crypto You, we have 12 different characters and each character may have a random set of attributes when it is mined. It really stimulates the desire to get rare ones with great attributes. That’s also the reason why the secondary market of The Crypto You NFT is trending. Whether you are a Bitcoin Holder, Altcoin Collector, DeFi Farmer, etc. Story setting and storytelling are the key to metaverse and GameFi.”

Vincent – YooShi Community Volunteer:

The potential of GameFi has not been fully developed yet,

“We believe that the characteristics of the blockchain are “decentralization”, “traceability”, and “Security”, so GameFi can provide players a fair chance to participate in the game.”

“In 2022, there will be more beautifully crafted GameFi projects apps appearing in the public eye. After preliminary exploration, various problems encountered in the early stage such as poor game picture quality, single gameplay, rigid game mechanics, and other issues will be greatly improved. At the same time, YooShi will vigorously incubate more GameFi projects. ”

Kiki – Defina Finance Head of Marketing:

GameFi in 2022 will be more competitive.

“GameFi and NFT solve the market dilemma in the traditional gaming space regarding the use of game assets in a game.”

“The Defina team believes that providing a great experience and value that appeals to the player base is the best route to building a successful GameFi project.”

The size of GameFi in 2022 will attract new investors and thus, increase the speed of mass adoption of GameFi.

We will be releasing a [battle royale] game mode that only requires the player to have 1 NFT to join the game, and you can use that hero avatar as an RPG character to explore the lost city map, when you meet other players in the map, you can choose to start a battle or hide and run away, and the winner takes all the rewards. This mode is will be released in 2022, along with the weapons, and land.”

David Kin – product manager of Celestial: “GameFi still has a long way to go in the future”

“ [NFT] It is a unique digital asset that belongs to the owner. Especially in GameFi, “NFT+Token” empowers and gives assets the true value in the game, and the users are the actual owner of these NFTs, rather than a centralized game company.

The ultimate goal of GameFi is to become a true metaverse where players could have a second life and experience an immersive decentralized world.

​​More traditional games will shift to the blockchain in 2022. Besides enjoying the fun of the game world, players could also earn rewards, it is like a second life.

However, there are many technical issues for traditional games companies to solve, such as security, etc., which is the most important, because centralized servers are always vulnerable to attacks. But Blockchain has the obvious disadvantages, so GameFi still has a long way to go in the future.”

Catherine Cheng – Community Manager of Prometheus:

“From “Play-to-earn” to “Create-to-earn”

We believe that the emergence of NFT has brought the prosperity to GameFi.

NFT endows the property in games with valuable attributes, allowing game assets to truly belong to the users, instead of held to game developers.

This is the first step from traditional games to “web 3.0” games or metaverse games.

We think GameFi 2.0 is a combination of [play to earn] and DAO. Attracting users through economic benefits, and then transforming speculators into community members through community culture. And enabling them to gain benefits through contributing to the construction of this virtual world, will be the core of GameFi 2.0. We call it [create to earn].

The current technology and infrastructure don’t have the critical attributes for the invention of real metaverse games, but such co-construction and co-prosperity will be the cornerstone of it. We expect GameFi to become a real Metaverse in Game 3.0 or 4.0.”

In the 2nd panel discussion, 4 guests exchanged their insights about Metaverse:

Alex Shevchenko – Aurora Labs CEO: “Be open to new ideas”

“Aurora is a scalability solution to Ethereum, and it works on top of the Near blockchain. So, we’re something in the middle between the layer1 and layer2 solution.

This problem was already in the blockchain ecosystem that they are not scalable. All of these issues such as high gas fees need to be addressed. I’m super thankful to all of the projects that are working in this direction who are trying different things in different approaches to scale blockchain, and Aurora is one of them.

I believe we should not limit ourselves to things that already exist because there are multiple additional ideas that haven’t connected with the blockchain or the layer. GameFi/ NFT obviously have some value, but how to calculate and how to allow for this value in the land and platforms. Let’s help all the projects that are moving in this direction to implement their vision.

Ludwig Trappe – Crust Global Marketing Lead:

Enjoy all the wonderful things a metaverse has to offer

Crust Network already set foot in the metaverse and projects are using Crust as a platform to utilize its benefits for their metaverse applications and user data. On the technical side, we are continuously improving our protocols for any kind of data. Another exciting thing is we are working on the “Smart Data” Platform that will let you write data behavior in the smart contract in order to handle data in totally new ways.

Overall, we want to contribute to the vibrant metaverse development to offer a secure and truly decentralized environment for all potential data, use cases and applications in the metaverse.

With the possibilities of blockchain technology like NFTs, more assets and economical systems moving to the metaverse.The big question will be if we want to choose centralized institutions like Facebook, AWS or Google? or do we want to build and enjoy an open Metaverse. ”

Baby A – Operation Director of BabySwap said,

Metaverse will be the most trending thing in the next decade.

I think Metaverse is formed by AMM, NFT, and GameFi, and glued by your crypto identity. Our plan is to include as many games as possible, with the Baby avatar story setting and all kinds of game types. It’s more like different little games in [Starcraft], where all the characters, settings are the same, but we have different types and different rewards. For the AMM part, we will continue to help great projects. We will also keep adding features such as [vBABY], smart router and other AMM related features. We will have 10k baby avatars used for profile pictures released next year for crypto identity.

Jessie Chua – X Protocol CMO said, “NFT is an important tool in the X metaverse”

I think NFT also takes an important role in utility tokens.

In our upcoming land auction activities, Users who successfully bid for the land NFT will be given the right to participate in the development of X Metaverse.

This land NFT comes with governance rights in addition to its economic value.

In terms of GameFi, it is a good opportunity for X Protocol to combine blockchain technology with the offline world because almost everyone will be open to the game.

Not long ago, we held a Puppy Treasure Hunt event, and users can get rewards after catching one.

We will upgrade this puppy treasure hunt game in the future by adopting a paid admission system, and users can participate in this GameFi by purchasing NFT tickets.

X Metaverse provides a place for NFT and GameFi to converge, allowing these two concepts to have a broader space for development.


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  • 18.03.22 13:41 cross chain

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