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Banking the Unbanked: How the Crypto Community Can Make a Big Impact

For tech-savvy yet unbanked young adults in communities often overlooked by traditional big business, the crypto and blockchain industry offers opportunities that others don’t.

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“Hodl” has become quite the rallying cry in the crypto industry today. But to boost adoption, that might be the wrong trend.

So says Carlos Acevedo, director of sales and the regional lead of Latin America for Brave, the crypto-powered web browser. In this episode of CoinDesk Live, hosted by Consensus organizer Stephanie Izquieta, Acevedo seemed to invoke the giving nature of early bitcoin enthusiasts such as Roger Ver, who would give away bitcoin to anyone and everyone he met.

According to Acevedo, that’s the best way to get more people interested in the technology. They’ll not only be interested from a price perspective but become more curious about how crypto could offer efficiencies and benefits in other areas of their life.

For people in lower-income communities that are unbanked or underbanked, it’s introducing a whole new concept of finance they didn’t have access to before.

“The movement is so small but so, so powerful,” Acevedo said.

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